Friday, August 19, 2016

#AdviceThatMattered Taking small steps in life

Travelling 30 years back when there was neither any internet nor any form of technology that helps a person to choose their career when they have just completed their college. I was a Software graduate and when I graduated, there were barely any companies that were hiring freshers. There were no placements held by my college and that was even worse for me to find a job on my own as even newspapers weren't much of a help where searching a job opening that matched my requirements was a rare finding. The issue was that in those days, there were not many IT companies and mostly the big ones used to make freshers pay for the job. I had no money to pay for the training and hence used to move from one office to the other in search of a good job. A month had passed by and I was jobless. All the money I had spent for my education and had borrowed form friends was going in vain and I couldn't bare this anymore. It was then I decided to search for a placement office that takes commission from the salary and gives jobs to Engineers.

Meeting the employment agent "Miss Reena"

I met this lady called Reena who asked me several questions before looking at my resume and I told her that I wanted a job urgently to start my earning. She then took my resume in her hand and said  "You're a Software Engineer?" I nodded my head to her question as I did not understand why she even asked me this question in a harsh tone. Looking at her browsing through my resume, I kept on shaking my legs and getting nervous as I desperately needed a job. After 10 minutes, she put down and said "It's tough to get an Engineering job these days. Would it be fine to start as a writer?" I was confused at her words as I was an Engineer then how could I get into writer? I said "No. I want an Engineering job or some job in the IT department." She looked angrily at me and said "I know you need a job urgently and to start with, you would atleast need to start working. Currently, this IT company needs a typist and if you start working her, you would get noticed and then you would not need to look for a job anywhere else. This It company pays a lot to Software Engineers but they need a work experience of 1 year which you don't have. Even if you work as a typist, that experience would be your WORK EXPERIENCE that you can add to your resume. The thing would be that you are working and that's what matters." I did not want to listen to her at that moment and walked away. I couldn't find a job for 2 weeks after that and hence I went back to meet Miss Reena to accept the job opportunity. She told me one thing "No job is small or big and you need to have a start to push yourself further." That advice of hers really helped me to get what I want and I managed to get a placement in my own company as a Technical Writer. They instead appreciated the fact that I had worked at a lower position and managed to get recognized due to my hard work and excellent writing.

I never got a chance to thank Miss Reena then but today I really need to thank her for that small boost that helped me in my career else I would have never known how to take the first step in life.

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