Friday, August 19, 2016

View your job as a long term consulting assignment, not a permanent gig

Become an "entrepreneur" – view your job as a long term consulting assignment, not a permanent gig

This was a quote that I read recently in a magazine and it took me back 15 years when I had thought of the exact thing when I was making a choice in my career. A very important step that would be a risk for me and a challenging one too.

The job that the employment agent Miss Reena had given me was more than satisfactory for me. It had been 10 years since I was working for the same company and my salary also was good enough to support me, my wife and two kids. The only thing that I missed out during those 10 years was my career growth and job security. While my classmates had become managers of their company, I was still being managed by my boss who had been my leader since 5+ years.

It was my wife who then reminded me that I cannot be settled at the same position of a junior employee in my office for the rest of my life. I need to search for better opportunities that could get me a job at a higher position. We argued a lot over this as I was quite stubborn to move to another company as it was the best job for me and I wanted to retire in the same company rather than again start as a newbie in another one. I felt I wouldn't be loyal to my own company if I leave it.

After about 2 months, I heard about my boss leaving the company as he had got a better position with a huge increment in his salary in another MNC. We congratulated him and even celebrated his farewell and it pinched me then as I was planning to retire as a junior employee itself but my boss had got a better opportunity in an MNC. I again then discussed with my wife to take the next step as I felt that it's not about loyalty but about my own personal and career growth. I then started searching for better opportunities and my 10+ years experience did wonders for me. I was selected as a Senior Manager in an MNC and my salary was raised by 25k per month. It was not only a great boost to my career but an opportunity that made me take a step ahead in life.

I completely agree with the saying that no job is permanent. You need to do your best in your job but also take up opportunities that can help you build a better career in life. Today, I am working as a General Manager in the same company and am very happy of taking the advice of my wife that changed my life completely.

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