Friday, January 16, 2015

Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’


This is the story of my mom who was brought up in a middle class family. She was not financially stable to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. She received schooling which was paid by her father till the age of 16 after which her father told her to stop going to school and join him in his printing business. My mother wanted to study further but she could not as she did not have the money to pay her college fees. She did not want to join the printing business as the salary during those days was just Rs. 100 per month and instead she decided to continue her studies by working as a typist which earned her more money than what she would have earned in her family business. She managed to pay her college fees from the income she made and then she received scholarship from the college for securing the first rank in the entire university. She went on to complete her graduation as well by working as a typist and then she joined a small legal firm that earned her enough money to pay her college fees as well as save some money for her home. She completed her further studies on her own strength and this was the way she achieved her dream to become a successful lawyer and her struggle did not stop here. She went on to complete Master of Law as well and she secured third rank in the entire college that made her father proud and this was only the start to her successful career. This is the way she did not compromise with the situation and listen to her father nor did she back out from achieving her dream. It was tough for her but she managed to overcome the difficulties and she achieved her dream. This was her journey from OR to AND.


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Things that define me

 This is a story of my daughter who was always was passionate about dancing but since there was no future for her as a dancer, I wanted her to study first and then join a dance class as a part of her curricular activity. I made her to limit herself to only one hour of dance practice in school and the remaining time should be spent on study but this did not stop her from achieving her dream as she was quite passionate about dancing. Dance for her was her life, her soul and something she always wanted to do. she then joined a dance academy after her 10th class and went on practicing during the vacation days. She used to practice for 8 hours everyday and finally she was chosen to perform in a school along with other kids of her age and she was appreciated for her effort and her talent. She got a certificate in dancing as well which was a recognition to the art she took interest in and this was just a start to her dream. She went on to perform at many events whether for occasions in the building or in college and even for cultural events and this made her more confident. She was felicitated with an award by the jury in her college as she performed a western classical dance during an event and her photograph was displayed on the main board of her school which made me a proud father and then it was a realization for me to never stop her from achieving her dream. I encouraged her to perform at various events and today she has 3 trophies and 2 certificates in her name which she has earned by her own. It was her passioan and dedication towards her goal. She is now a trained dancer.

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