Saturday, June 13, 2015

SmellytoSmiley Post 2

We are living in a building where all Gujaratis stay besides us and the owner of the building as well is a Gujarati himself. As we are Catholics and the neighbors are hindus, they remain away from us as we keep eating non vegetarian food and they even hate the smell of it. When my wife used to buy fish or meat from the market, our neighbors used to start frowning and complaining about the smell. They started behaving very weird just because of the smell and since it is our food, we did not appreciate their behavior.

I being a foodie and fond of fish, I wanted to eat fish curry at least twice a week and especially on weekends when I am at home.    My wife buys a lot of fish from the market during weekends and she really needs to hide it from the neighbors as if they get the smell, they would again start passing remarks and spoil her mood. It gets tough to cook fish with the windows and doors closed and hence my wife opens the windows as the smell of fish is very strong and even by spraying perfume in the room, the smell does remain till the dishes aren't washed completely and the left overs are discarded in the trash bin. It gets difficult for us to discard the remains of the fish as we can't keep the trash bin inside our house and if we keep it outside the house, the neighbors start complaining about the smell. Hence, my wife decided to spray the trash plastic and even put camphor balls inside the bin so that the smell doesn't affect the neighbors.

When our relatives or friends come over for dinner, they too get the smell of either fish or any other spices my wife cooks and hence it gets difficult at times to avoid that smell as the smoke collects in the entire house. I have yet not found a permanent solution to this problem as the smell of fish is very strong and no matter what I do to avoid the smell and even spray perfume but the smell still remains and it feels congested to stay in the house by closing the windows and doors. The best way we found is to keep using perfumes as a reduce the strng smell of non veg which controls it too some extent and makes it bearable.

It is tough to make the house smell good these days but I guess Ambi Pure will be a solution to these strong odors.

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SmellytoSmiley Post 1

It was the time when we had just shifted to Mumbai and we had chosen a flat in a building which was near a dumping ground. We did not notice this as an obstruction before as the dumping ground was quite away from the building but when we shifted in the flat, we started getting a strong odor and noticed that we have made such a big mistake of choosing this building.

As days passed by, the smell started getting worse and it used to get difficult to even eat food at home and my daughter used to find it tough to even study during her board exams due to the foul odor. I had purchased many perfumes and I used to keep spraying it all over the room to keep the room smell fresh but it used to get tough during rainy seasons to avoid that foul odor from making the room stink.

When guests used to visit the house, they too used to feel uncomfortable as the odor used to be strong and since our flat is quite close to the end of the building, the smell could not be avoided. It used to get embarrassing at times as we had done everything to make our house look good and perfect and we had also renovated our house and replaced the old furniture but we could not organize a house warming party just because of the unpleasant odor that would ruin the environment. We used to organize parties either in restaurants or book a hall which used to get expensive at times but we did not find a better solution to our problem.

We tried several methods like burning a candle stick and using room fresheners but all these methods helped us to get relief only for few hours but at nights the situation used to get worse. I started getting breathlessness due to the foul smell and we had to close our windows all day to avoid the stink from spreading in our house. One day I decided to complain about this issue to the Municipality and I wrote a written complaint to my building's secretary to get the dumping area closed to have a permanent solution of this problem. We all building members had to keep putting pressure on the Municipality and within 3 months, this issue was solved and the dumping area was closed down with mud. It is necessary to choose a place that is free of any unpleasant dumping grounds or pools as the smell becomes unbearable and it gets difficult to spend time at home.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MaxFreshMove Post 2

Anushka Manchanda has been a contestant of the dance reality show named "Jhalak Dikhlaja" and we have witnessed her as an amazing singer as well as dancer in the show. Allu Arjun, on the other hand, is a famous Tamil celebrity and is known for his movies like Arya 2 and Race Gurram.

The imaginary scene that I would choose to see the two stars Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun performing would be the common man's everyday journey and where every working person travels and spends his time which is called the Railway Station and Churchgate Station is on of the places where the maximum crowd gets together and spends their moments which is quite boring and tiring. Every common man travels by the train and this experience is not pleasing for him or her as it makes a person feel low and it becomes the most boring and stressful journey for a person as a person needs to cope up with the rush that pushes one inside the train and everyone needs to struggle for just 1 seat. If there is a concert or dance performance at the railway station, it would make one and all remember those moments and it would make the crowd enthusiastic and excited.

Anushka would be the female singer who would get off the train from the ladies compartment as a regular traveller and Allu would get off the other train from the gents compartment. They both would dash each other which would cause Anushka's bag to fall to the ground. Allu would pick up the bag and give it to Anushka. She would smile at him and take her bag singing the song "Behke Behke" from the movie Aisha.

Behke behke nain, cheenay dil ka chain
Toh yeh pyaar hai

Anushka then would starts swirling around and call her friends to join her in the dance and they would together sing the words:

Koi intezaar karde bekaraar
Toh yeh pyaar hai

Anushka would dance besides Allu and he would keep smiling and watching her dance besides him:

Yaadein, dil ko tadpayein
Saansein, ulajti jaaye
Aankhein, sapne dikhlaye
Jab anjaane
Aankhon, se tu gabhraye
Raaton, mein so na paaye
Haathon, ko malta jaaye
Tu deewane

Allu would continue singing the remaining words and take her in his arms singing:

Hote hote oh yeah
Ho jaane do na pyaar

Then the crowd would join the two and start dancing with full energy and enthusiasm.

It would now be Allu's turn to sing a song for Anushka and he would start singing Anushka's song "Alisha" from the movie Pyaar Impossible but he would give it a twist by replacing Alisha with Anushka:

Jab se tujhko hai jaana
Dil ne kaha na maana
Sach to hai tu kahan main kahan
Jab se tujhko hai jaana
Dil ne kaha na maana
Sach to hai tu kahan main kahan

Anushka would continue the rest of the song and starts dancing with Allu. Allu would then end their concert by asking Anushka to sing her most famous song  "Dum Maroo Dum" and they would call people from the trains to come and join them and it would be a memorable experience for every daily traveller.

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MaxFreshMove Post 1

Allu Arjun is known for his dance moves and energetic performances in his movies while Anushka Manchanda is known for her terrific and intense voice. The duo coming together would just create a storm of music and dance and make the public dance on their toes. I can't imagine how the environment but it would definitely be the most entertaining and memorable events I have ever attended.

An imaginary situation which would suit this duo would be the most famous places in Mumbai, The Gateway of India. This place is the most famous place in Mumbai and everyday hundreds of people gather at the Gateway of India and appreciate the place for its beauty and simplicity.

When Anushka and Allu would perform at the Gateway of India, it would be the best thing for any Indian as they could experience the beauty of the place as well as the music and dance of the two stars.

Anushka would sing the song "Golmaal" from the movie Golmaal to start the concert and other dancers and regular crowd could join the fun and music by dancing to this trendy song. The next song would be "Tu Saala" from the movie Golmaal Returns and all the boys would form one group with Allu being the lead while the girls would join Anushka's group and enjoy the dance moves and competition.

Anushka would continue singing the most popular songs that she has sung in Bollywood movies like "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu" and then Allu would shake his leg and sing the next line "I want to be with you" which would make Anushka reply as "Tere Peche Peche Main" and Allu would reply "Mere Aage Aage Tu." and then Anushka would continue singing the next lines "Ek Main aur ek Tu" and the tone would be loud and clear which would entertain the crowd and make them rock the dance floor.

The concert would reach its finale with the recent and most popular song named "Dance Basanti" from the movie named Ungli and Allu would dance like Dharmendra to make the environment light and the audience too would go with the flow and dance this famous song.

Allu Arjun would end the concert with a small dance number and he would also sing few words of the song that made Anushka so famous and popular and this song would be "Dum Maroo Dum" which would bring light and peace to the crowd and this concert would definitely make The Gateway of India the most energetic and memorable.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

My Nose Knows Post

It was the occasion of our college fest and we all friends arrived for the party quite early so that we don't miss a single moment of the party and have a fun time together. The party was only for boys and we had a gala time thinking how we could make it the best party and enjoy it to the fullest. The DJ started playing songs and we were the first to join the dance floor and rock the party. The songs were so fast and trending that we were enjoying every single moment and we had almost gone crazy as it was our final days in the college.

Half an hour later, one college colleague arrived at the party and joined our group. Since I was standing and dancing beside him, I was the target of his body odor. The odor was of iodex and it seemed that he applied the product all over his body as the smell was really strong. I couldn't bear the smell and it being so strong put me off the songs and music and I joined another group to feel better.

It was my misfortune that the boy joined the same group after few moments. Since there was a cooler just behind us, the iodex smell became stronger and my friends too couldn't bear the odor. We asked him the reason he applied so much of iodex and he said that since he was having body pain few hours back and hence he applied it on his neck and stomach. The smell made me almost feel dizzy as I hate iodex and inhaling it for a long time made me feel sick as well. My other friend just left the party as he too had a problem with the odor.

It was an embarrassing moment for him as the college students started avoiding to dance with him due to the strong odor and I too felt bad for him. However, I realized that body odor does matter when we are in a group or when there is a crowd as the odor does make the moment unpleasing and hence it can be a very embarrasing moment to be next to a person who has an unpleasant odor. Since that day we all had used the best perfumes and among that the iodex was standing out to be the worse, we started moving to another corner to not make it worse for that boy and we did enjoy the party.

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