Friday, January 29, 2016

#LoveAndLaughter - Reaching late on the most auspicious day of my life

For any person, their marriage day is the most memorable moment in their life. However, in my case, my marriage day was the most memorable and laughter filled moment as well in my life. I still remember the day when our marriage was fixed and my wife and I were so happy that we are going to enter the sacrament of marriage. It was an arranged marriage and I and my wife barely knew each other for a month but we still knew that we are meant for each other and can spend our entire life happily.

Our marriage was fixed on Sunday by the priest and and I my spouse started shopping for our wedding outfit and all the other necessary ornaments for the wedding day. A day before the wedding, I couldn't get sleep all night as there was a lot of excitement in my mind and plus I had partied till 3:00 a.m. with my friends who had held a bachelor's party at my place. I was so tired but still I kept thinking about the most important day of my life that was few hours ahead and I din't even realize when my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up, it was 9:00 a.m. and I had to reach the church within 2 hours as the wedding was scheduled at 11:00 a.m. There were no mobile phones at that time and my landline as well was not working. The church was 30 mins away from my home and I had to get ready in just an hour. Since the earlier day I had told my friends to not disturb me on my wedding day and just arrive in the church on time, nobody had even come to wake me up that day. I took a shower in 10 minutes just ironed my shirt in 5 mins and started wearing the pant in a hurry. With a result, I noticed that the seat had torn which was so embarrassing. I started stitching it and it took my 30 minutes to get it stitched properly and then I took my car keys and just rushed to the church. Due to traffic, I reached the church 20 minutes late and when I reached there, my to-be wife and all our relatives were upset and annoyed that I reached so late on my own wedding day. I composed myself and made an apologetic face to convince the priest and my to-be wife and tried explaining what had happened due to which I became late. Childishly I told him about my pants being torn and all the guests started laughing at me which was even more embarrassing. My wife touched my shoulder and smiled at me, giving me courage and then the priest started the rituals soon.

It was the best day of my life and a funny one too. I got the love of my life that day and it has been 25 years since we are married.

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#LoveAndLaughter - Snoring at night

It was in the year 1999 when I and my family shifted to Mumbai and we started living in a building unlike the place which we used to live in earlier that was a bungalow without neighbors, traffic and chaos all the time. Here in the city, we had to make so many adjustments and I and my wife kept working for a month to settle in the house and open bank accounts, get identity cards and so on. Due to all this stress and hectic life, I used to suffer from constant headaches and even start snoring. I had never suffered from snoring at night but it was all because of the stress I had taken all the 30 days of the month that it became a sickness.

The first 2-3 days, it was my daughter who used to hear me snore at night but she never paid attention as she just heard the noise and fell asleep. My wife too never noticed it. After 3 days, my wife suddenly woke up at night due to the noise and noticed that I was snoring. She got disturbed the whole night but she did not wake me up as she thought I would stop at some point of the time. With the result, she did not get sleep and when she woke me up in the morning, she told me about the issue. I being a stubborn man, I refused to believe that I could snore at night as I had never been doing it all the earlier years and nobody in my family had such a problem. I just laughed at her thinking she must be dreaming about me snoring at night. She got upset with me and let the topic end as she thought it must be a temporary sickness of mine.

The next day when I again began snoring, she woke me up in the night and told me to stop. I again laughed at her and did not believe her at all. It was after few days that she took a webcam and recorded me sleeping and snoring at night. She showed the video to me the next day and my wife and kids kept laughing at me and I felt very embarrassed. I later got cured of the sickness by taking homeopathic tablets but my wife still has the recording with her and she keeps teasing me that she would upload the video online. It was a damn funny moment in out life and we still keep laughing over it whenever we see the video and it makes us remember that we love each other so much. Such moments are worth cherishing.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Down the memory lane - #TalesOf2015

I am sad and also excited that the year has finally come to an end. I am sad because this year came in with a lot of surprises and it ended very soon while I am excited because 2016 is going to bring in more special moments in my life and will be again a bag full of surprises like 2015. There were few special things that happened with me during this year and here I would like to list some of them that were memorable and sweet:

1. Jeevdani visit:

I visited Jeevdani temple in February for the first time and it was a memorable moment for me. The temple had almost 1200 steps and I had never climbed so many steps in my life and hence by the time I reached the temple, my energy was completely drained but the moment I realized that I reached the temple, my happiness had no bounds. I stuck a coin on the idol and it's believed that if the coin sticks, your wish gets fulfilled. However, my wish was not fulfilled but I am happy that I did visit the temple and take God's blessings.

2. Meeting Irfan Khan:

I got an opportunity to meet the famous and fabulous actor Irfan Khan during a shoot and that was the most exciting moment for me. I have seen almost all his movies of which my favorite one was Life of Pi and Lunch Box. I admire him for his versatility and he can play any character with ease and he does not need to put in too much effort for his role as it comes spontaneously to him. I dint get to chat with him for a long time but meeting him itself was an achievement for me. I couldn't click a picture as he left within few minutes but I hope I get an opportunity again and I can get to chat with him.

3. Ill health of my grand mom:

Along with the happy moments, I also felt low at times. My grand mom suddenly fell ill and had to be admitted in the hospital and for half the year, I spent time taking care of her and she is still not well. I feel bad at times when I see her in this condition as she is not able to walk as well. For me, my families' health is very important and hence when one member also falls sick, it makes me too feel concerned for him or her.

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