Friday, February 3, 2017

A day at Marriot

My stay at Jaipur Marriott Hotel in the year 2007 was only for a day as I had been on a business trip and our company’s meeting was held in this hotel. It was early morning when we had arrived, about 6:05 a.m. I along with my other staff members were staying on the same floor in different rooms and we had all not carried so much luggage as the stay was only for a day. We all went to our rooms and freshened up for the breakfast. I entered my room and found that the room was not cleaned well and the tiles in the bathroom were broken. I complained to the room service about the same and the manager recommended me to exchange my room with a better one. I was then given a new room and this room was much better than the previous one with the bathroom being absolutely clean and room being spacious and comfortable to spend my time. All the necessary equipment that I required for my work was present in the room.

When we all arrived for breakfast, I was amazed to see how well they had arranged everything for us as we were total 15 employees from our company and they had a special table booked for us all so that we feel comfortable and sit together to have breakfast. There was a widespread buffet arranged there and knowing that we had arrived only 2 hours ago and we were still quite tired, the waiters served us the breakfast at our table itself. I just loved their cold coffee so much as it had a completely different taste and I told the staff that I loved its taste. The hotel staff thanked me for the appreciation and explained to me about the coffee was made of special coffee granules that made it so tasty and they also offered us to have the special kachoris that were the specialty of Jaipur and the dish was just mesmerizing and delicious. After few hours we had our meeting and the arrangement of the hotel staff was again near perfection. We were provided with snacks during our meeting and whenever we needed anything like the wifi connection and equipment for the presentation, the staff provided us with the same in no time.

I also worked in my room and the wifi connection speed was excellent which helped me to complete my work faster and when the work was done, I and the other employees spent the whole day checking out the hotel and at the pool side where we got all the comfort we required. My stay was amazing!

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A memorable wedding, a memorable stay at Vivanta

My cousin’s wedding was held in Vivanta by Taj in 2010, Pune and they had booked about 15 rooms for all the guests from all over the country. I and my family attended the function and we stayed at this hotel for 3 days. We had arrived along with four other families at the hotel and hence our luggage was all put together at our arrival. It was late in the evening, about 10:30 p.m., and the climate was horrible. It was pouring for continuously 5 hours and hence our arrival was delayed by 2 hours due to the traffic jam and bad roads. I was quite upset with everything that had happened and hence my mood too was off. I just handed over my luggage to the bellboys present there and asked them to guide me to my room. I thought to first order dinner in the room as we had all been starving all the way to the hotel and couldn’t stop anywhere to have food. After few minutes, my luggage arrived and I noticed 1 bag was missing. It was quite late already and when I had 3 bags with me, only 2 were brought in. I inquired with the staff and asked them about the bag that was missing. The bell boy tried to explain that he had brought all the bags up and this was not acceptable as I was already upset with the happenings and on-top I had to explain to the staff that my bag was missing. I became furious when nobody was ready to listen to me and the manager then approached me and explained me that he will try his best to find my luggage but since I and my family were hungry, he asked us to have dinner first and at the same time he’ll keep searching for my luggage. We agreed and my wife tried to cool me down. After dinner, the manager approached me saying that he had not found my luggage anywhere and I scolded him for his staff’s carelessness. My wife asked me to search in the car once as she did not remember me taking out the third bag while I was sure I did have one. We went back to the car and I noticed the bag was left inside the car itself. It was quite embarrassing for me as I had been blaming the hotel staff for my carelessness and absent-mindedness. I apologized to them for the same but they were very kind to me even after what had happened. They asked me to not be upset about anything and they would always be of great help to me as long as I stay there. I found them to have great hospitality and inspite of my rude behavior, they did not ever try to make me feel guilty of anything. We stayed there for a total of 3 days and 2 nights and at every point, the room service satisfied our needs and queries in a timely fashion. I made it a point to thank the manager before leaving the hotel for his kind behavior and courteousness that helped us have a wonderful stay at the restaurant.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Bond between a Father and Daughter #MagicOfWarmth

My daughter had turned 16 and as every father is concerned for their child, I too was concerned for her. She was no longer a kid but was a teenager and at the age when kids can get lost and be provoked into wrong doings and relationships.

I was referring to books and talking with my friends on how to make my daughter trust me and help her from falling into any problems that could affect her future. I used to follow methods given in the books like spending more time with her, talking to her whenever I came home from work, chatting with her online as that was the first thing that was written in the book “Spend a lot of time with your child.” Next what I did was tried to have the contacts of all her friends and keep talking to them too about my daughter. I used to ask her teachers about her behavior, check her results, question her male friends and try my best to follow each and every step of hers. My wife tried to stop me from being so poky but I told her that I wanted to protect my daughter from any problems that she might get into as her age was such. I did almost everything without making her feel burdened.

I let her go on a trip but asked her to give me every detail of where she is, with who she is, how she is and what time she’ll get back to her hotel.  I called her up so many times to make sure she reaches home safely and even kept in contact with her teacher who was their leader. She came back home after 2 days and just went inside her room crying. I tried to confront her and talk to her but she kept crying and did not answer me. After 2 hours, my wife went inside and my daughter started talking to her. I opened the door to ask her what happened and she scolded me saying that because of me, her friends were mocking her throughout her trip. Her friends kept making fun of her because whenever her phone used to ring, it used to be only my call. She was so upset with me that in anger she told me to stop hounding her.

I did not realize that what I felt was being a protective father, I was not letting my daughter have her own space. I felt that I was giving her freedom to do what she wants to do but it did not make me realize that by constantly calling her and tracking her details would make her feel the embarrassment from her friends. The word “Hounding” kept hitting my ears. I couldn’t understand the difference between being protective and being over-protective and then I noticed a tap on my back. I wiped my tears and saw my daughter standing before me. She held my hands and said that she loved what I was doing for her but she wanted me to trust her judgments as she knew what was good and bad for her. She never would do anything that would betray my trust on her. That was the day when I finally understood that books do not teach us anything but it’s our own love that can help us build a relationship with our children. That day my daughter and I shared the magic of warmth and became friends.

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#MagicOfWarmth It Takes a Moment to Create that Magic

I lost both my parents when I was too small and was living with my step-mother who never left any chance to humiliate me and insult me. I tried many times to accept her as a mother but failed to do so as she always ill-treated me and hence when I was 18, I left my house and started studying and working on my own. I was determined to live independently and seek my own existence that will be only mine and not depend on any other person in my life.

I did what I had planned to do where my life made me go through all sorts of difficulties but I did manage to complete my graduation and buy my own house. When my step-mother came to know that I was earning and had a flat, she tried to contact me and she also visited my house where my wife entertained her but I was not happy with her decision. My step mom had come with her sons who were my half-brothers and I was too cold towards them as I had never lived with them. After this, my wife kept contact with my half-brothers but I did not . She used to tell me to atleast talk to them as they were quite small and they shouldn’t be punished because of their mother. My inner voice used to tell me to talk to them but then I used to remember all the harshness of their mother and stop myself.

One day I heard a knock at my door. It was a Sunday and I was at home that day. I told them to come afterwards in anger but then one brother stopped me from closing the door and said “Mom is dead”. I just stood blank for few seconds and looked back at them. They were in sorrow and pain and I couldn’t hold back from calling them inside. The moment I told them to step inside, one brother hugged me and started crying. That moment for me was filled with pain, the pain that was no longer what I had felt due to my step-mother but the pain was of my brothers. They were too young to handle this loss and I remembered my pain when I lost my parents at their age. That day, a new relationship was built between me and my two brothers. We were united for once and for life and there was only love in the family. I had forgiven my step-mother by then and this relationship had a new beginning.

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