Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Points 5 Reasons #SoftestForBabySkin

When a child is born, the major responsibility to look after the child is taken up by the mother but it is also a father's responsibility to take utmost care of the child and help the mother by sharing the time and taking care of the kid. I did the same when my children were small and they needed their father as much as they needed their mother. From changing their diapers, to bathing them, feeding them and playing with them, I tried to delegate my time equally between my work and my children. For me, their health and happiness was more than anything in this world and since Pampers has given me an initiative to go about thinking of the days I spent with my kids and how much I protected their skin and health, I would like to explain few points which I had taken care of with regards to their skin.

The first point was giving them a skin-to-skin contact while making them fall asleep. This was a step that my doctor had recommended me and my spouse to take care of as it helps to make the baby sleep well and also the body heat is important for the skin of the baby. It makes the baby fall asleep in your arms and also it makes it feel protected and safe.

The second point was to take care of the sleeping hours of my baby. I made sure that the baby gets good amount of sleep so that the skin remains healthy and the baby's health also isn't affected. When the baby used to get disturbed at night, it was either me or my spouse who used to make the baby fall asleep again.

The third point was to decide on the bathing time for the baby. It is necessary to be sure and fix a time when the baby needs to take a bath as changing the hours of the bath time will affect the health of the baby as well. We decided to bathe the baby in the afternoon and it worked perfectly.

The fourth point was to make sure the baby's skin is not affected by the dust particles and also the weather. We made sure that we take the baby for a walk when it's cool outside and not in the afternoon when there is a lot of sun. The reason was that the baby's skin can be harmed by being in direct contact with the sun and that needs to be avoided as much as possible.

The fifth and last point was to clean the floor and keep the areas where the baby moves and sleeps, absolutely clean. Our kid used to be very active and keep touching the flooring and furniture while crawling on the ground and hence we used to take care that everything should be clean and tidy so that the baby's skin and health is not affected.

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My Bundle of Joy (Taking care of a premature baby) #SoftestForBabySkin

I still remember the day when I became a dad and I took my baby in my arms. My baby yawned and his skin was red and very soft. The second time, it was more tough for me as my baby was premature and the skin was very sensitive and the doctor as well advised us to take utmost care of the skin of the baby as it can get affected and tear if not taken care of.

We then purchased the best lotion, oil, mattress, blankets, socks and towels for the baby and also chose the best diapers (Pampers) for our baby. The following were the steps taken by me and my spouse while our baby was just a month old.

Washing the clothes:

We used to make sure the clothes used for the baby, including his socks, towels, blankets, bedsheets and pillows were washed with dettol and they smelt fresh and clean before using it for the baby. This way our kid used to always feel clean and fresh and this used to make him remain cheerful all day and his skin too did not feel any harshness due to the fabric.


We made sure that we employ a nanny for the baby who was good in oiling kids who are just a month old and the nanny did her job very well. We used Johnson's baby oil which not only had a beautiful fragrance but it kept the skin of the baby soft making it look healthy and the bones become strong.


We bought Pampers for the baby which was soft and firm on the baby's waist and we were happy to note that the diaper did not leave any marks around the waist of the baby and the inner surface was smooth. Hence, when the baby used to wet the diaper, it used to remain dry and my spouse used to change it after every 4-5 hours to make our kid feel clean and the skin as well remain soft.


We applied Johnson's baby lotion as it was the most trusted brand for us. We used to apply the lotion before the kid goes to sleep so that the lotion makes the baby's skin soft and while being asleep, it can work well unlike during the day when the baby is awake and playful.


While bathing the baby, the water used was very soft and warm so that the baby's body remains clean and the soap used was of the Johnson's brand as the lather doesn't harm the eyes and the skin too doesn't tear and remains soft. It was very good for the sensitive skin of my kid.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

#ChampIsBack Blogadda Activity 1

LG Nexus  5X just thrilled me with its amazing features that I haven't seen in any other mobile till date. I've been using Android smartphones and I also own an iPhone but I am glad that even LG is competing with other brands and trying to bring in new innovative features for its consumers.

Now Blogadda has given its bloggers a new activity wherein we can blog about the new features in a creative way and win Big.

The first feature which I want to talk about is the "All your photos, organized and easy to find" feature:

With this feature, we can save unlimited photographs and access them from anywhere which is amazing. I have around 200 pics stored in my mobile and that occupies a lot of memory. With this feature, I just need to save using this app. I can even search for my pictures using the title.

If I need to add to this feature, it would be amazing if I could edit these pictures like add a new background if I am taking a selfie, change my expressions and make my picture look better and use it the way we sue photoshop. I should also have an option to save it in a format I want like jpg, gif, png and so on.

 The second feature is very innovative "Simplified security: Nexus Imprint" which is my most favorite feature.

I've seen a laptop that has this security feature for unlocking the laptop but this has been introduced for a mobile phone as well which is a big achievement for LG. I love the fact that instead of entering a security code, I need to just imprint my finger on the censor and my phone can get unlocked. It makes my data remain secure and safe without the need to remember a code/s.

If I need to add to this feature, it would be an option to add two or more thumbprints that can be stored in the data of the phone so that if in case I can't access my mobile, the person whom I've added can access my phone. This should be an option available to the original person whose thumbprint is stored and only he can add new entries. Also, if I could receive a code via email or on my other mobile number wherein my phone has been accessed using an invalid thumbprint or an app that's private has been accessed, I can be alerted instantly on my alternate number.

 The third and last feature of this phone is "The new standard: USB Type-C™":

This is a very important feature of this phone as the chargers that I use make me think which side to insert and also it takes hours to charge one phone. This feature charges the mobile in just 10 mins and then the phone can be used for hours which is just amazing.

I would love if there could a way wherein I could be alerted that the phone has been charged and also a feature that could stop the phone from getting overcharged and save the electricity. Since we are working on global warming, this could be great to make it consume less electricity.

 I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.