Thursday, December 11, 2014


India has attained independence and it is a sovereign democratic republic. Now India has developed in the technological field and is also gaining a position in the IT market. It has achieved a status and is slowly reaching a position in different fields. The Indian law also has improved a lot in recent times and this is because the media has been considering issues which used to not be spoken about earlier. Indian celebrities, ministers and talent are being recognized worldwide and this is a big achievement. Also, there are new Broadways and highways constructed from time to time which is making it more advanced than earlier.

Indiaplaza shut down

I used to shop from and the website used to delay the delivery and also their customer service was bad. They never replied me when I used to keep calling them inquiring about my product I ordered and I used to receive the product after 3-4 weeks which was a long wait. I just stopped using the website after that. I guess that the shopping website has closed down due to their poor service.

Prison Life

From what we see in serials and real life examples, there are many reports and conclusions that one can derive from one living in a prison. Many atrocities are committed in prisons. Prisons are not that good as we can imagine.

The prison floors are not cleaned. The food given to criminals is not up to the mark. The prisoners are tortured and the prison Life is just like life in hell. Sometimes if the jailers are kind, the prisoners are treated with respect and as human beings else if the jailers are strict, the prisoners have to be on edge. Every time the jailer comes and checks if the prisoner has done the work for the day, has eaten well and is in a good condition. The prisoner is given very less things to live in the prison as the police doubt that the criminal may either try to escape of may commit suicide within the bars.

Drunk driving --Second part

The worst happens with the person who is crossing the road or sleeping on the roadsides who die or get harmed by the car and injured due to some other person's mistake. Since these incidents happen usually during the night, there is no evidence or person who witnesses the incident normally and hence the culprit escapes due to lack of evidence. There is a record where mostly youngsters have been the culprits of drunk driven cases and they mostly come out of a party or unction after which they commit such accidents.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a common issue in today's time and every now and then cases have been reported where an accident take place due to rash driving. These accidents take place due to carelessness and people being stubborn decide to drive the car in spite of them having consumed alcohol. People do not realize that when they consume alcohol, the drink affects their mind and makes it weak to think and see what they are doing. They do not remain completely conscience and their ability to think is also affected. They do not have any control over the steering wheel and cause a danger to the person walking on the road and to themselves and the person who is accompanying them in the car as well. When a person is drunk, he feels that he is able to have a control over his driving since he has been driving for a long time and is experienced but when his mind gets diverted, he can hurt someone unknowingly.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Theme - Opportunities I am very lazy to shave each and everyday before leaving for office as I wake up quite late and it takes me a long time to reach my office and shaving takes at least 15 minutes in the morning. One day, I went to office with an unshaven look and I had to give a meeting that day. I started the presentation and the client looked dissatisfied with my work and kept looking the other side while I was presenting my work. I found it weird but I continued with the presentation. The presentation got over within an hour and the client just had a chat with my boss and walked away. I was not sure about the outcome of my presentation. After 2 hours, I was called in the cabin and my boss spoke to me saying that the client liked the presentation but was not happy with my look. Since there were foreign delegates as well present in the meeting, the client was feeling weird that I was chosen to give the presentation as I did not shave. My boss then chose another employee for the project and I lost the opportunity to get an appraisal for this project only because of my outer appearance. From that day, I made sure that I shave each and every day before going to office. Shaving makes a person look presentable and neat and tidy as well. One with beard gives the person a look of a tired and lazy man and even woman find it awkward to talk to men with a the person looks untidy. I only use Gillette brand as the product is very reasonably priced and plus it works perfectly on my skin leaving it soft and the beard gets shaved completely. ‘This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette”

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

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