Saturday, April 11, 2015

DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity post 2 (A friend in need is a friend indeed)

It was an emotional moment for me as my friend had flunked in his final exams and we had passed the exams. He was feeling very low as his family too would not support him cause he failed and he was not in a state to talk or react due to his failure. He kept crying and we as friends tried our level best to cheer him up and make him understand the fact that passing and failing are all a part of our life and we should know how to cope up with failure as well but he was unable to understand anything.

My friend was so hurt that he was talking all senseless things and he wanted to commit suicide as he feared his parents would not let him inside his house and beat him up for failing in his final exams. His mental condition was very low and I being his best friend could not see him in distress and I did not know what to do to cheer him up and make him aware of what life means to him and what he means to us. He was so emotional that the only thing that was ticking his mind was his parent's reaction to his failure and that kept haunting him and he spent several of hours in the college itself.

I could not see his state and I followed my heart and contacted his mom and tried to make her understand her son's position and his mindset. His mother first was frustrated and unhappy about her son's failure but when she realized that her son was hurt terribly by his failure, she calmed down and I told her to come to the college and make her son understand. The mother listened to me and came to the college.

When my friend saw his mom there, he initially got scared of her as he thought she might scold him but then when his mom hugged him and wiped his tears, the joy I saw on his face was an unforgettable moment for me. He knew it was me who had decided to call his mom and he came to me and gave me a tight hug and kiss saying that I had made him feel special and it was the day when our friendship had become very strong. We kept in touch after that and even today, he is my best friend and will always be special to me.

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DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity post 1 (A grandchild's gift)

It was when my grandfather was admitted in the hospital and he was living his last few moments with the family. He was suffering from pneumonia and was breathing with the help of a ventilator. It was a very emotional moment for the entire family.
My grand mom was completely shattered due to his bad health and doctor's as well had given up on his survival but he still had a hope within him to live even if it was for few more days. He never gave up till the last moment and this is the spirit I loved about him as a kid of 4 years old.

The last wish of my grandfather was to eat a banana as he was very fond of this fruit but since he was suffering from cold, my grand mother refused to give him the same and when my mother wanted to give him, my grandmother did not let her feed him saying that it was bad for his health but indeed it was his last wish and I couldn't see him not getting what he wished for and liked and hence I went and bought few bananas and quietly entered the hospital room where my grand father was admitted. I hid it from my grand mom and went to his bed and sat on the bed, taking the support of the stool.

Being only 4 years old and the only grand child of my grand parents, my grand father loved me and he used to pamper me a lot. I couldn't see him in pain and so I peeled a banana and fed him with a piece. He wasn't able to bite it as he was too weak and so I gave him a glass of water to swallow it and the smile that trailed down his face was worth millions. It was a treat to see my grand father smile and feel happy to eat his favorite fruit and a moment when I listened to my heart and not my mind. I just wanted him to be happy before he left this world and even though bananas were not good for his health, I fulfilled his last wish. I made him feel special and loved and then I sat besides him and sung his favorite song that he had taught me. The worlds were in Konkani but when I sang it, he too started singing the words with me and those moments were the best moments of my life that will always remain with me and I will cherish those last moments I spent with my grand father.

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CrashThePepsiIPL Phase 1 Second Post

There was an advertisement of Axe Blast which starred Ranbir Kapoor. He used to pass girls and the girls used to get mesmerized by his perfume and he used to count the number of girls by using a counter. The advert was kind of comical as the emotions portrayed were funny and a boy who looked pretty ordinary managed to attract more girls than Ranbir Kapoor as the boy was using Axe Blast perfume.

The advertisement was interesting to watch but it did not portray the women in a bad light by making them get attracted to a man by merely using a perfume. The climax of the advert was not so pleasing to watch Ranbir spray the perfume on his car's window and 1000 girls running towards the car and kissing it. The women seemed crazy after a fragrance. It was not comical but a kind of indecent.

There are many ads which do show women appreciating a man and vice verse because of the perfume or clothes they wear but there needs to be a certain decency and logic when ads are shown on television while this kind of ad does not do the same and sounds as if a perfume can make a woman crazy with its smell.

The advert could have easily shown the perfume as mesmerizing and attractive and as the feel and smell of a perfume cannot be experienced in a video ad, it gets difficult to advertise and promote the product and hence the ad needs to explain as to what is special about the product. By just showing women crazy to an extent of madness does not make a perfume worth buying and instead the ad could have used different elements like making a person smell great even after hours of using a particular perfume or giving him a look of a genius or well presented man by using the perfume which would appeal to the audience more.

The advertisements need to keep in mind the audience perspective as well and these kind of ads give a bad impression of women to the people watching it. Axe perfume usually promotes the products in a good manner and appealing way but this advert was a big disappointment and it was not pleasing to watch the ad with a family where women are respected a lot. The ad should have been portrayed a different way rather than this.

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CrashThePepsiIPL Phase 1 activity

The best and the most interesting advertisement I have seen among all ads is the Idea internet advert which is not only educative but motivating. The ad teaches us how one can learn while not attending college and he/she can fulfill his/her dreams by enrolling in an online educational course.

There are many reasons due to which some deserving kids or housewives cannot attend school or college may it be their household work, parents refusal or not getting an admission in college due to gaining less marks and IIN solves their problem by making them gain education at their home itself and they can learn in their free time without any hassles.

This ad motivates the younger and older generation and people are able to learn at any age irrespective of their financial situation or household tensions. It inspires people to learn and even they proudly introduce themselves as a student of IIN and show the world that age or gender is no longer a barrier to gain education.

The most favorite advert of IIN is where a transgender shares his story about no gaining admission in any college due to his gender and that is a harsh truth of the society which does not let a person be educated due to gender issues and the person's ability and talent are disregarded. There are many students who are unable to gain education just because they are disabled or poor and their family does not help them in any way. IIN is a path for them to achieve their dreams at any age and they just need a mobile and an internet connection to learn. IIN honors their will power and wish to learn and education is not restricted to any person.

The other advert shows how women from a village are determined to study despite the villagers opposing to girls gaining education by going to colleges. These girls gather together and start learning online through IIN and I seriously need to salute their will power and courage which makes them what they are and their love and respect towards education is worth appreciating.

No matter one is a housewife, a student who hasn't gained admission in an IIT college, a transgender or a woman who is not allowed to go to college due to restrictions placed by the village, all are able to gain knowledge and be educated without any restrictions.

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.

This Pepsi IPL, it's not just about cricket. It's time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it's chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?