Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ask yourself and get your answers #KnowYourRights

Raising our voice against violence can only be done if we ourselves have a mindset o reporting these cases. It is usually noted that people talk about these crimes and how the reasons due to which these things happen while some say that many cases are not reported but if one is made to think over it and put ourselves in the shoes of the victim, it would then make us think if we could report our case or not. We need to ask the following questions to ourselves and find the answers which would help us justify our advise.

"What happens if I don't report my case...What would be the outcome?"

This is the first question that arises in the mind as to whether we shoud report this case or not. We start thinking about the girl's respect, the family's respect and the outcome of reporting. We know that reporting these incidents would prove helpful but that moment is tough for any family and hence these thoughts start coming out in a different way.

We need to instead think about the criminal who is roaming freely due to our fear. He's benefiting and out to commit another crime which is the main reason we need to report against this criminal else another family will be harmed like us.

"Why did it happen to me...What will happen about my future"

The next question that arises in our mind is the future of a GIRL after a sexual assault incident. The girl's reputation is considered to be similar to glass and if it is harmed, the girl herself feels she is unwanted and there is no future for her. Her family too starts having similar thoughts and due to this some plan to leave the city and go. We should instead ask ourselves that by leaving a city, will the issue be solved? Will it be a right way to deal with this issue? What's the solution then?

It's true that these incidents aren't easy to forget and it remains with the person all their life but the victim does need the emotional support and needs to be encouraged to come again and live her life as she was before. In such cases, we and our parents need to go through counseling and get moral support. In such matters, the sensitivity of the case is taken care off and hence reporting such cases makes it only better for the victim and the family to feel that they aren't alone but they do have support they deserve.

"What is the criminal does not get punished...What if he harms me or my family"

This question is the most important one of all as many families who even go ahead and report such crimes are forced to take the FIR back due to family pressure or due to the criminal's supporters and police warnings.

In such matters, the answers lie within the question itself. It's a criminal offense if the police warns the victim or if the family is warned of any physical damage. Such inspectors who refuse to write an FIR and immediately suspended as it's our right to lodge a complaint. We may be aware of this but we need to overcome this fear and stand for our rights. The criminal has to get punished and if we don't stand for ourselves, nobody can ever help us in such matters.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Support #KnowYourRights Campaign

Whenever I open the newspapers, my heart pains when I read the headlines "Save the girl child, "I don't deserved to be raped", "Is it a sin to be born as a girl...." These news articles make me cry for the girls who have gone through these crimes and make me more concerned about the females in my own family. Since I myself have met many people who have been through sexual violence and have been quite about it, I feel I have somehow failed in convincing them to report these cases and raise their voice against the crime. Here I hope my post helps those who remain silence to come forward and express their views with others.

The first reason I would state here is "The one who has sinned has to suffer...Not you"

It's an irony when some men worship goddesses and then go ahead and commit such shameless and sinful acts against other women. Women keep quite and feel miserable about their state but it shouldn't be the case where the woman needs to be quiet and hide. She needs to teach such sinners a lesson by reporting them and standing against such crimes. The criminals are the ones who need to suffer and get severe punishment.

There is no need for the person who has been a victim to remain silent but she needs to face the situation and make the criminal hide his face and feel the pain he has given the women. Earlier, rapes weren't considered as severe as other crimes like murder but there needs to be a law which makes it as harmful as a murder as rapes kill the soul of the women leaving her with a mark in her soul. It kills the soul of a woman and hence 7 years punishment is not enough for the criminal. This law can only be changed if these cases are reported and hence it is necessary to make an FIR and punish the criminal for his sinful act.

The second reason I would state here is "Live your life normally"

When such incidents of sexual violence take place, the victim is harmed a lot and she needs to undergo medical treatment and counselling to help her physically and mentally. When the incident is reported, it then becomes the responsibility of the Government to provide medical aid to the victim and make her come out of the trauma so that she can start a new life.

The third reason I would state here is "You are not wrong"

The society often makes it the victim's mistake when such crimes are reported but the KnowYourRights campaign has proved that the girl has a complete right to speak against the criminal and people who consider the girl wrong and not the criminal. The girl should not blame herself at al whether it's her dressing or her behavior as these incidents aren't provoking but it is ONLY the crime committed by the criminal. Reporting these incidents will help the girl to tell herself that she has a right to speak up and point a finger at those who point fingers on her. The society has to change its POV.


I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.