Saturday, August 20, 2016

Go Casual with my Zapstore

I usually shop at myntra and love their latest fashion trends and outfits and range from as low as Rs. 100-Rs. 50000 and most of their outfits are ones that I love to wear. This Zapstore is a complete curated collection of mine and is a store that I would keep visiting from time to time as it would remind me of a place that I has all the products I crave to buy one day.

Staring from the top I've chosen. It's a casual top that suits my style perfectly as it is green in color which represents the environment and it is also my favorite color. I love green as I look best in this color and this shirt is a checked one which is mostly the style I have in my closet.

This is a Navy Blue jeans that matches my green top and looks stylish in every aspect. The coolness does reflect in the color and material of this jeans and it just makes the cool a casual and it adds the attitude that I need to flaunt to carry this look well.

Now since I've chosen a cool green tee and a stylish denim jeans, why not go for sunglasses? That's what I'll do next. Checkout how cool these sunglasses look and the brand is a very popular brand "United Colors of Benetton" and these sunglasses are unisex which make them different and totally fit for any moment and occasion.

My watch should be one that's neither too casual not formal so that I can flaunt it whenever and wherever I want, no matter if I am visiting a beach, going out with my wife or attending a meeting. This is a watch that's super stylish and elegant which would make everyone atleast blink an eye when they notice it. Too cool to go with a simple t-shirt and jeans and too classy to match my sunglasses.

Nothing better than Nike shoes which are best known for their comfort level and style. Each pair represents the effort they put in while making these shoes and this is exactly that would match any casual wear or informal wear. With a green t-shirt, the shoes too need to match the color and Nike has done it all for me.

After putting in so much effort to pick up clothings, accessories and shoes, the last thing that we need to do is take out a selfie and since the occasion is green and we need a selfie, the name that strikes me immediately is Oppo Selfie Expert. This phone is best suited for casual outings and can match any outfit and look perfectly.

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#BestZapStore - My Zapstore

Zapstore has a very interesting feature wherein users can create and collect items from different ecommerce sites and curate a collection that represents themselves. Blogadda has come up with a really interesting concept this time where I can make others aware of my own personal choices with regards to clothing, accessories, interior decor and gadgets and this blogpost has few of those items that I have added to my store and that represent my choices and opinions about the items I prefer to buy while shopping online. I am not a fashion icon but I've generally been told and complimented for my style that is different and unique.

Taking you through my store, I've noticed that Zapstore has many users who have added items from different categories and it's interesting to view their preferences as well. The board has an option of Sharing my store items as well so that other users who have added me to their friend's list can checkout my recommendations and buy an item from their choice. The best part is that I can add items from almost all online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra and there is no restriction to the number of items I add to my store. It helps me as well to visit my store and checkout which item I need to buy and then directly add it to the cart. Zapstore redirects me to the respective website wherein I can make my payment and get the confirmation of the same.

Here is a Formal Suit that's a reflection of my style. It has the feeling of going for a formal meeting or an important presentation and it's the appearance of a person that should stand out when he represents his company. I usually attend board meetings wherein my appearance is a huge fact that matters and this suit is what is the best to make me get recognized. This represents myself as a manager and makes me feel confident. It just makes my fear and nervousness vanish due to it's style and fitting.

The next thing that matters to me while working is my watch. Everyone does notice the watch of a person to know his background and class and I usually prefer wearing simple watches but this was a watch that I would dream of owning someday. It's classic look and authenticity is something that represents myself and wearing this watch means never getting late for any meetings and appointments.

While the eyes travel from the suit to the watch, the next thing that makes an appearance perfect is the the phone a man owns. Since I prefer an iPhone above all other phones as it has all the necessary features I require, this would be the best one that suits my need. It's black in color and goes well with the entire outfit of mine.

Last but not the least, my shoes. When I've chosen a formal suit, the shoes too should be formal ones and these shoes have everything that a man requires. It's simply the best ones I need.

The link to my Zapstore is:

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.

Friday, August 19, 2016

View your job as a long term consulting assignment, not a permanent gig

Become an "entrepreneur" – view your job as a long term consulting assignment, not a permanent gig

This was a quote that I read recently in a magazine and it took me back 15 years when I had thought of the exact thing when I was making a choice in my career. A very important step that would be a risk for me and a challenging one too.

The job that the employment agent Miss Reena had given me was more than satisfactory for me. It had been 10 years since I was working for the same company and my salary also was good enough to support me, my wife and two kids. The only thing that I missed out during those 10 years was my career growth and job security. While my classmates had become managers of their company, I was still being managed by my boss who had been my leader since 5+ years.

It was my wife who then reminded me that I cannot be settled at the same position of a junior employee in my office for the rest of my life. I need to search for better opportunities that could get me a job at a higher position. We argued a lot over this as I was quite stubborn to move to another company as it was the best job for me and I wanted to retire in the same company rather than again start as a newbie in another one. I felt I wouldn't be loyal to my own company if I leave it.

After about 2 months, I heard about my boss leaving the company as he had got a better position with a huge increment in his salary in another MNC. We congratulated him and even celebrated his farewell and it pinched me then as I was planning to retire as a junior employee itself but my boss had got a better opportunity in an MNC. I again then discussed with my wife to take the next step as I felt that it's not about loyalty but about my own personal and career growth. I then started searching for better opportunities and my 10+ years experience did wonders for me. I was selected as a Senior Manager in an MNC and my salary was raised by 25k per month. It was not only a great boost to my career but an opportunity that made me take a step ahead in life.

I completely agree with the saying that no job is permanent. You need to do your best in your job but also take up opportunities that can help you build a better career in life. Today, I am working as a General Manager in the same company and am very happy of taking the advice of my wife that changed my life completely.

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#AdviceThatMattered Taking small steps in life

Travelling 30 years back when there was neither any internet nor any form of technology that helps a person to choose their career when they have just completed their college. I was a Software graduate and when I graduated, there were barely any companies that were hiring freshers. There were no placements held by my college and that was even worse for me to find a job on my own as even newspapers weren't much of a help where searching a job opening that matched my requirements was a rare finding. The issue was that in those days, there were not many IT companies and mostly the big ones used to make freshers pay for the job. I had no money to pay for the training and hence used to move from one office to the other in search of a good job. A month had passed by and I was jobless. All the money I had spent for my education and had borrowed form friends was going in vain and I couldn't bare this anymore. It was then I decided to search for a placement office that takes commission from the salary and gives jobs to Engineers.

Meeting the employment agent "Miss Reena"

I met this lady called Reena who asked me several questions before looking at my resume and I told her that I wanted a job urgently to start my earning. She then took my resume in her hand and said  "You're a Software Engineer?" I nodded my head to her question as I did not understand why she even asked me this question in a harsh tone. Looking at her browsing through my resume, I kept on shaking my legs and getting nervous as I desperately needed a job. After 10 minutes, she put down and said "It's tough to get an Engineering job these days. Would it be fine to start as a writer?" I was confused at her words as I was an Engineer then how could I get into writer? I said "No. I want an Engineering job or some job in the IT department." She looked angrily at me and said "I know you need a job urgently and to start with, you would atleast need to start working. Currently, this IT company needs a typist and if you start working her, you would get noticed and then you would not need to look for a job anywhere else. This It company pays a lot to Software Engineers but they need a work experience of 1 year which you don't have. Even if you work as a typist, that experience would be your WORK EXPERIENCE that you can add to your resume. The thing would be that you are working and that's what matters." I did not want to listen to her at that moment and walked away. I couldn't find a job for 2 weeks after that and hence I went back to meet Miss Reena to accept the job opportunity. She told me one thing "No job is small or big and you need to have a start to push yourself further." That advice of hers really helped me to get what I want and I managed to get a placement in my own company as a Technical Writer. They instead appreciated the fact that I had worked at a lower position and managed to get recognized due to my hard work and excellent writing.

I never got a chance to thank Miss Reena then but today I really need to thank her for that small boost that helped me in my career else I would have never known how to take the first step in life.

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Vision of 2050 #WOW

70 years ago when Indian freedom fighters were fighting bravely for our country to make our country independent of slavery from the British and 15th of August, 1947 marked the day of our freedom and it's all thanks to the brave warriors who fought for us and sacrificed their lives. It's due to their sacrifice that we have been free from slavery from Britishers but the sad truth is that today as well, we aren't completely free and independent. We all are aware of the injustice that is happening in our country and if I need to vision how 2050 would be, I definitely would like to view the brighter and more positive side of our country.

So here's my vision of 2050:

Public-driven Government

There would be no voting, no tickets given to candidates and no elections conducted wherein people are given false promises that would never be fulfilled. Instead, the Government would be completely controlled by a common man. Each person would have a right to say what they need and what suggestions do they have which would be noted publicly and votes would be live. This would make each person's suggestions and opinions open to all and they could vote if they agree or disagree. Then if a suggestion gets maximum votes in favor, the total funds of the Government would be displayed and then the appropriate funds would be assigned to fulfil the needs. This would prevent any kind of corruption and misuse of public's money and all people would be happy to have their thoughts and opinions being valued. Nobody would have any right to restrict them from their freedom of speech.

Disaster Predictor Transmission:

This Disastor Predictor Transmission feature would be like a signal that would be enabled or heard whenever there is a disaster/accident/crime about to take place and it would alarm the citizens of a particular area/city/state of the same before 24 hours of the incident so that the necessary steps to prevent it and protect people would be taken. This would significantly reduce the number of deaths and crimes in the country that's a major concern in today's time. The recent news of floods, the rise in the number of accidents and crimes like rape, murder, theft are alarming and this feature is one that would be a savior for all Indians.

Mind-reading Machine & One-Hearing Courts:

There would be a machine that would be used by the police and attorneys to get the truth from the criminals or the accused as well as the witnesses and this machine would be used to track the minds of these criminals and get the exact description of the crime scene with the help of flashes. Nobody would be allowed to lie as everything would be visible to one and all. No case would make the innocent suffer and everyone would get justice.

Today we have a fast-track court but still cases have been pending and piling up the desks of the respective legal authorities. How wonderful would it be to have a one-hearing court! Justice delayed is justice denied but with the help of these one-hearing courts, the evidence and with the help of the mind-reading machine, nobody would doubt the result and hearing of these cases.

Human GPS:

How many did know 70 years ago we would be using a device called a mobile and have a GPS-enabled device in our cars. We can definitely now have human's having this device implanted within themselves and it would be compulsory for all to have this device instead of bearing IDs and proofs to prove them as a citizen of a country. This GPS would be the best way to track the real identity of  person and there would be no way to have fake identities. Each person would be carrying this device within themselves and they would be tracked only by the legal authorities in cases of suspicion.

Green & Clean India:

Last but not the least, there would be clean and green detectors in each and every area and city that would detect the percentage of cleanliness in the area and each person of that area would be responsible to make his/her area shine and there would be awards and gifts given to the place with the highest percentage. This would motivate everyone to keep their place clean as they keep their house clean.

I just hope and dream of having these all in 2050 when I may not be there to visualize these things myself, my soul would be at peace that my country is definitely going to be known as the best countries in the world.

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