Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Perfect Woman in My Life

                                                         'A Perfect Woman'

Yes, I know this woman who is perfect in all respects in my eyes. This woman has gone through three important stages in her life and has been perfect all together.

⦁    Daughter: As a daughter, she has been a special member of her family. There is a saying that “A son is a son till he gets himself a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life”. I truly believe in this as this woman was her dad's dearest child who not only completed her education with first class but when she got her first job, she gave the entire first salary to her mother and father and felt so proud that she was independent and able to take their responsibility. This was the first time she felt like a woman and a responsible member of my family.
⦁    Wife: As a wife, she has many duties towards her spouse and his family and it is her test as she has to leave her house and stay with a new family, learn to adjust in a new environment, make some sacrifices and she managed to do this well. She took care of this family and her parents as well as she had a duty as a daughter towards the one who brought her in this world. She referred to both her mothers as MOM and her husband had to ask her who was she referring to and this is what made her perfect. This was the second time she felt like a woman and learned how to manage my work and the household duties together.
⦁    Mother: This is the stage of this women’s life when she considered herself complete and when her daughter was born, she felt proud as now she's to give the same advice she had received from her parents to her new born child. Being a mother is a tough job but she did not ever makes this look as one. She planned her household duties, work and her responsibility towards my daughter in a way that she could manage all three with ease. She gave her daughter the right education, values and made her an independent woman like she was.

After passing these stages of her life, there can be nothing that can seem imperfect about her and this women is none other than my WIFE.

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