Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Energize your Life Theme 2

I participated in the earlier maxfresh activity and I couldn't stop myself from imagining different concerts and performances of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. The video has finally released and they both are just amazing. Each dance step is unique and a never seen before step whcih just adds to the marriage ceremony moment. It would be just awesome and enjoyable to have two celebrities performing to a wedding and making the moments memorable and special. Few of the dance moves which were my favorite are listed below and I have described my view based on the dance steps and why I love them. The video can be seen below:

I loved the dance step where the words "Pataka" are used as in that step Allu and Anushka both are scene dancing while Allu Arjun is leading and Anushka is behind up performing the same step and the way the hand movements are shown makes me too join the duo and perform with them. It's definitely a max fresh move that adds up to the environment and feeling of boredom just vanishes.

 I loved the next step where Allu takes a white colored handkerchief from a guest and starts dancing with it in the mouth. That's so enjoyable and fun to watch someone perform in such a normal way. The way he places the cloth in his mouth and uses it as a bean which is played makes it look so natural and enjoyable for me as a viewer. Since I'm from a middle class family, this is one step that appeals to me and common people. We usually dance this way in marriage functions and this is a max fresh move for me that helps to enlighten the atmosphere and can freshen up the moment.

The last step which I liked was the one where Allu grabs the hold of the bride and shows her a step to dance on. She looks at him and feels embarrased and the next moment she herself gets energized and dances her own step which is something that really appeals to me. The bride just dances without any choreography and hence it makes the environment energized and full of life. It definitely deserves to be one of the best steps that match the theme of Colgate and it makes the atmosphere fresh and lightens up the moment.

Overall, the advertisement is just too awesome and I have no words to praise the stars and the cheoreographer for giving the celebrities these steps and making it really an advert for Colgate max fresh.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

FirstLove Post 2

There are many benefits of massaging baby oil on the baby's body and I would like to share one such instance in which baby oil helped when my baby fell sick due to stomach pain.

My baby was getting cramps in the stomach and was constantly crying. It was tough for us to understand what had happened to the baby that it kept crying all the while. We checked the baby's diapers and also checked if the baby was feeling hot due to the weather but it was not the case and I took the baby for a walk to make it feel better as it was about 3:00 a.m. and the time was not appropriate to call up any doctor. The baby still kept crying that then we thought of massaging the baby so that it would stop crying and feel better.

We started massaging the baby's hands and legs but it did not stop the crying but when we started massaging the stomach, the baby's crying reduced and she kept silent as we kept massaging the stomach with baby oil. The doctor told us the next day that the baby was having a stomach pain and hence when we massaged little baby oil, it helped the pain to decrease due to which its crying too stopped.

It does happen that the baby gets pain in the body and falls sick due to this and since baby oil contains minerals that keep the blood circulation proper and makes the bones healthy, we must use baby oil for the baby till it is able to walk. Mineral oil is very safe for the body of the baby and hence it is encouraged to use baby oil for the baby to help it gain strength and make its skin soft and smooth.

Olive oil is also very helpful for the baby's skin to get nourished and prevent dryness and excess moisture from leaving the baby's body and there are many ways in which we should massage the baby. The fragrance of the oil also matters a lot and johnson's baby oil has a very relieving fragrance that helps the baby to get sleep fast and makes it more energized when the baby wakes up. It helps to moisturize the skin and get relieve from any body pain whether for the baby and even adults can use the same oil which helps the dryness to reduce. It is strongly suggested to use baby oil till the baby grows big for the better health of the baby.

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FirstLove - A new born baby

The first thing we were told by the doctor when my child was born that it is necessary to massage the baby well from the first day itself as it helps the baby to be healthy and strong. The following were the benefits that were explained to me and my wife when our child was born.

1. Blood Circulation:

When the baby is small, its skin is very tender and delicate. Due to this, the baby needs proper care and a product that will help to moisturize the skin and make it healthy.

Baby oil like Johnson's baby oil or Dabur Lal oil when massaged on the skin of the baby, helps it to improve the blood circulation of the body.

2. Dryness:

When we held our new born baby in our hand, the first thing we noticed the skin was very dry and it needed to become tight and soft.

Baby oil when massaged on the skin helps in curing the dryness of the baby's skin and makes it soft and smooth. Though the body does appear greasy at times but after washing the baby, we could be able to see the difference in the skin texture as it was very soft and not dry.

3. Mineral Oil

The baby's skin needs proper nourishment and this can only be provided with the help of massaging baby oil on the body. The mineral oil helps in preventing excess moisture loss from the baby's body which helps in maintaining the texture and prevents dryness as well.

4. Bonding

We as parents felt that while massaging the baby, the baby would start crying as it might be painful but to my surprise, the baby kept smiling throughout the massage and that became the best time to bond with our baby. While massaging the baby, the baby felt a bit ticklish and we made sure that we aren't rough while massaging the body. While oiling the legs and hands, a cute smile used to form on our baby's face and that was the best moment of our life.

5. Bones

For a new born baby, the bones of a baby are very weak. A little pressure on the bones can cause a disorder and it is very necessary to make the bones strong and this can be done only by massaging the baby's body with oil. When we massaged the baby's body daily, the baby was able to move its hands and legs and within 6 months, the baby was able to crawl and even stand a little with the help of support. This was only because we massaged the baby's body.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Share your expertise - Snacks your children should have during exams

Usually parents feel that children should have a heavy breakfast or lunch before their exams while some parents do not give their child any food and instead give fruits and milk to their children so that they can concentrate better during their examination and do not feel overfull while writing their papers. However, we should feed our kids with certain important things at the time of their examination.

1. Make light food:

It's often necessary to make light food for our children during exams as it is often important to know what they have before the exams. Feeding them with few biscuits and a fruit plate is more than enough as milk and rice can make them feel sleepy during exams and drinks often make them feel like visiting the restroom quite often.

Light snacks can include snacks like bread and jam, chocos, sandwich are some snacks which can be given to our children.

2. Lunch boxes:

Biscuits and chips are few snacks that can be packed for our children which they can eat before their exams and they should avoid drinking a lot of water before the exams. Even fruits can be suffice for the children and they can be packed in their lunch boxes.

3. Energy drinks:

Drinks can be consumed about 3-4 hours before the exams so that children's concentration can improve and they can feel energized before appearing for the exams. Drinks like bournvita and milo can be beneficial for them or even fruit juices and milkshakes can be good but utmost care must be taken that the drinks are made by us and the glasses should be clean as it can even cause an indigestion which can harm the health of the child.

What things should be avoided during exams:

1. Medicines:

It has often been noted that when children eat too many medicines, it makes them feel sleep and sometimes even sick due to the side effects. They can eat the medicines after the exams but not during the exams.

2. Oily stuff or fast food

Children should avoid eating any oily stuff or fast food during their examinations and even home made food like chaat and burgers can lead to side effects which can make your child fall sick during their examination.

3. Rice or fat food

Rice is a food than can make your child feel sleepy during the paper and it should be avoided as it does help the health but a little distraction can make your child not concentrate well on the paper. Fat food like cheese and butter as well should be avoided.

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Share your expertise "8 Tips to maintain and clean your house-- For Men"

It has been always observed that women have always been responsible for the household whether it comes to cooking, cleaning and looking after the children but when it comes to men doing the household work, the work seems to be tedious and almost impossible at times to maintain the household and cleaning is one such job which is not only tough but there are many things that are involved to keep a house clean or manage the budget and housework. One needs to plan a lot before starting this job and hence here are some tips for men only as women are already aware of it:

1. It has often been observed in houses which have more than the required number of things and this makes the house look clustered and untidy. The first tip would be to put all the old furniture and things not needed for sale. You can earn an extra income and just stay with the furniture you have and buy furniture that is wall mounted or that can be folded easily. Eg: Folding beds.
 2.    Clean areas which have not been cleaned since a while and make sure to clean one area in a day and not all areas on one day. The areas can include behind the cupboards, beds, bathrooms and one such area should be cleaned everyday.
 3.    Hire one more maid to help you in cleaning and cooking. Maids can be responsible for cleaning the flooring area and dusting to make your work easy.
 4.    Buy a washing machine to complete the laundry work faster. It will not only help you in washing the clothes but it also works as a dryes. You only need to iron the clothes and keep them inside the cupboard.
 5.    Keep all the important things like jewelry, certificates, in the locker. It has been often observed that these things get easily misplaced and hence such sensitive and expensive items shouldn't be kept in the house.
 6.    Buy an induction stove or pipe gas to free the space of the cylinders. It's the best way to avoid taking care of gas cylinders and if you chose an induction stove, there isn't anything to worry about as you haven't to pay gas bills.
 7.    Make use of internet banking most of the time to reduce the banking work and updating pass books. Link your bank account as when you receive any bill, you need not have to remember to pay it as it gets directly debited from your account.
 8.    Become a member of a grocery store nearby which has a free home delivery option and order things over the phone to reduce the time you spend in shopping.

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Best from Rewardme.in 2

The other article that caught my attention on the rewardme.in website is the article '5 Ways to Know Your Child Is Ready for a Phone' (https://www.rewardme.in/family) 5 ways to know your child is ready for a phone. The thing that I found unique and appealing in this article was that I was always concerned about my children using a mobile phone at a young age. I dint find it a need to gift my children a mobile phone as they are not even teenagers and they won't be as responsible with a mobile phone and may misuse it. The main concern I have with regards to cell phones is that a smartphone has many applications and the internet feature which can be easily misused by children and they start getting addicted to playing games like Candy Crush on the smartphone and don't concentrate on their studies.

This article has very well listed the points which can make me as a parent realize whether my child really needs and it ready to own a mobile phone or not and the points are detailed very well.

The first point mentions that the kids should own a mobile phone only if they are in need of such a phone and when there is no possible way to contact them via the school or college phone. If we as parents are concerned about our child's safety and want to track them as a compulsion, it would mean that our child needs a mobile phone and we should let them use it.

The next point mentions that our children should not feel that their parents are stalking them and are harming their freedom and they must be OK to know that their parents are concerned about them and hence are giving them a mobile phone.

The third points is the most important point that our child should be matured enough to own a mobile phone. The fact is that our child's age doesn't prove whether he or she is matured enough to take care of a mobile phone and he or she can handle it and use it wisely. A mobile phone shouldn't be a fashion or status symbol but our child should own it only because they need it and can take care of it.

The fourth and fifth point are important for every parent to know and evaluate. A parent needs to monitor their child and for this it's necessary to know which apps are present in the phone we gift our child and also we should understand and trust our children with a cell phone.

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Best from Rewardme.in 1

I kept checking different categories on the rewardme.in website and one such category pleased me and it was the family-living category which had many interesting articles listed. This article (https://www.rewardme.in/family) Should you reward kids for doing chores stood out as the best one and it was quite meaningful and appealing.

I have always been interested in making my kids doing chores, may be not too much of work, but atleast they should learn how to keep their room clean and tidy as now their room is always messed up and this makes them careless as well.

As a dad, it's my responsibility as well to make my children responsible and this article appeals to moms as well as dads. The story of Kimberly is very interesting and she adopted the correct method of rewarding her kids to do house chores and get responsible. I often give my kids gifts from time to time but now by giving them prizes for doing small chores will really be helpful and they would also have fun while doing tasks. Children often forget to keep their rooms clean and they ignore the fact that their room needs to be arranged and they shouldn't sleep in a messy room. They take this thing for granted as they feel that the parents are responsible for cleanliness but they need to be responsible for their room and keep it well maintained.

Giving the kids points for each chore makes them competitive and they start collecting points as fast as they can. The article also helps us as parents to reward kids and make them feel that they can also earn prizes for doing the household chores.

We parents often give our kids a piggy bank and we keep filling it with money so that they can use the piggy bank money as pocket money. The idea adopted by  Denine and Daniele has become an inspiration for me as it gives me an idea that when my kids too complete a task or a chore, I can fill in money in the piggy bank and the children too will find it interesting to do their work for a dollar in their piggy bank. There should also be a threshold amount set by the parents which makes the children complete a said number of tasks and then only they can redeem the points for real cash. Giving them gifts is a better option rather than real money but it depends on the kids if they want to use the money in a better way and not misuse it.

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