Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paint me wild! Makeover your home with the #PaintFinder! -- A blogadda initiative

I loved the room designs shown on the website and the colors made the room look delightful and exotic. There were so many colors and themes to choose from but the one that appealed me and matched my personality was the AGED BEIGE theme.

Theme: The Aged Beige theme makes me bring back olden memories of the old and historical heritages that existed 100-200 years back. Me being inquisitive and a lover of historical monuments couldn't stop myself from admiring the look and the depth of the of the beige color makes the room look lit up and it takes me back to the ancient century where the rooms were elegant and classy. As there's a saying "Old is gold", this theme gives me the exact feeling.

The website had different rooms and the design of each room was unique and extravagant. My choices were as follows:

1. My dream dining hall can be seen in the picture below. The room is perfect for the a family to get together and spend some moments while enjoying their dinner and the lighting, flooring, furniture and atmosphere is just awesome. I chose the color pink for the walls as a dining room is said to be a place where a family not only gets together for food but they also exchange their day's experiences and exchange their thoughts and views with each other. Pink is a color of sweetness, cuteness and tenderness and these qualities are not only associated with females but males as well. When a family comes together, there are so many things that they need to share whether bitter memories or sweet memories and pink is a color of joy that makes their togethers stay fresh and alive in their hearts. A perfect color for a perfect room.

2. My dream main hall can be seen in the picture below. The room has been designed beautifully and the feel and look of it is just perfect. It has a very good placement with regards to the furniture and the lighting as well brings in a lot of life and comfortness. I have chosen the color of the walls as green as green symbolizes growth, freshness and safety that exists in a family and among family members. Green makes the environment heavenly and peaceful as it represents nature. Especially on weekends, me and my family sit in the hall and watch TV shows or movies for hours and we rest on the couch and keep enjoying ourselves. We only get weekends to spend time with each other for hours and the paint of the room will just add to this moment making it feel calm and peaceful. We also calculate our finances and wealth in the main hall together and hence green paint goes well with this. It matches our personalities as well as we share almost everything with each other and there is a main fact that makes us bond so well with each other.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association withBlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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