Friday, February 3, 2017

A memorable wedding, a memorable stay at Vivanta

My cousin’s wedding was held in Vivanta by Taj in 2010, Pune and they had booked about 15 rooms for all the guests from all over the country. I and my family attended the function and we stayed at this hotel for 3 days. We had arrived along with four other families at the hotel and hence our luggage was all put together at our arrival. It was late in the evening, about 10:30 p.m., and the climate was horrible. It was pouring for continuously 5 hours and hence our arrival was delayed by 2 hours due to the traffic jam and bad roads. I was quite upset with everything that had happened and hence my mood too was off. I just handed over my luggage to the bellboys present there and asked them to guide me to my room. I thought to first order dinner in the room as we had all been starving all the way to the hotel and couldn’t stop anywhere to have food. After few minutes, my luggage arrived and I noticed 1 bag was missing. It was quite late already and when I had 3 bags with me, only 2 were brought in. I inquired with the staff and asked them about the bag that was missing. The bell boy tried to explain that he had brought all the bags up and this was not acceptable as I was already upset with the happenings and on-top I had to explain to the staff that my bag was missing. I became furious when nobody was ready to listen to me and the manager then approached me and explained me that he will try his best to find my luggage but since I and my family were hungry, he asked us to have dinner first and at the same time he’ll keep searching for my luggage. We agreed and my wife tried to cool me down. After dinner, the manager approached me saying that he had not found my luggage anywhere and I scolded him for his staff’s carelessness. My wife asked me to search in the car once as she did not remember me taking out the third bag while I was sure I did have one. We went back to the car and I noticed the bag was left inside the car itself. It was quite embarrassing for me as I had been blaming the hotel staff for my carelessness and absent-mindedness. I apologized to them for the same but they were very kind to me even after what had happened. They asked me to not be upset about anything and they would always be of great help to me as long as I stay there. I found them to have great hospitality and inspite of my rude behavior, they did not ever try to make me feel guilty of anything. We stayed there for a total of 3 days and 2 nights and at every point, the room service satisfied our needs and queries in a timely fashion. I made it a point to thank the manager before leaving the hotel for his kind behavior and courteousness that helped us have a wonderful stay at the restaurant.

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