Monday, January 4, 2016

Down the memory lane - #TalesOf2015

I am sad and also excited that the year has finally come to an end. I am sad because this year came in with a lot of surprises and it ended very soon while I am excited because 2016 is going to bring in more special moments in my life and will be again a bag full of surprises like 2015. There were few special things that happened with me during this year and here I would like to list some of them that were memorable and sweet:

1. Jeevdani visit:

I visited Jeevdani temple in February for the first time and it was a memorable moment for me. The temple had almost 1200 steps and I had never climbed so many steps in my life and hence by the time I reached the temple, my energy was completely drained but the moment I realized that I reached the temple, my happiness had no bounds. I stuck a coin on the idol and it's believed that if the coin sticks, your wish gets fulfilled. However, my wish was not fulfilled but I am happy that I did visit the temple and take God's blessings.

2. Meeting Irfan Khan:

I got an opportunity to meet the famous and fabulous actor Irfan Khan during a shoot and that was the most exciting moment for me. I have seen almost all his movies of which my favorite one was Life of Pi and Lunch Box. I admire him for his versatility and he can play any character with ease and he does not need to put in too much effort for his role as it comes spontaneously to him. I dint get to chat with him for a long time but meeting him itself was an achievement for me. I couldn't click a picture as he left within few minutes but I hope I get an opportunity again and I can get to chat with him.

3. Ill health of my grand mom:

Along with the happy moments, I also felt low at times. My grand mom suddenly fell ill and had to be admitted in the hospital and for half the year, I spent time taking care of her and she is still not well. I feel bad at times when I see her in this condition as she is not able to walk as well. For me, my families' health is very important and hence when one member also falls sick, it makes me too feel concerned for him or her.

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