Friday, January 29, 2016

#LoveAndLaughter - Snoring at night

It was in the year 1999 when I and my family shifted to Mumbai and we started living in a building unlike the place which we used to live in earlier that was a bungalow without neighbors, traffic and chaos all the time. Here in the city, we had to make so many adjustments and I and my wife kept working for a month to settle in the house and open bank accounts, get identity cards and so on. Due to all this stress and hectic life, I used to suffer from constant headaches and even start snoring. I had never suffered from snoring at night but it was all because of the stress I had taken all the 30 days of the month that it became a sickness.

The first 2-3 days, it was my daughter who used to hear me snore at night but she never paid attention as she just heard the noise and fell asleep. My wife too never noticed it. After 3 days, my wife suddenly woke up at night due to the noise and noticed that I was snoring. She got disturbed the whole night but she did not wake me up as she thought I would stop at some point of the time. With the result, she did not get sleep and when she woke me up in the morning, she told me about the issue. I being a stubborn man, I refused to believe that I could snore at night as I had never been doing it all the earlier years and nobody in my family had such a problem. I just laughed at her thinking she must be dreaming about me snoring at night. She got upset with me and let the topic end as she thought it must be a temporary sickness of mine.

The next day when I again began snoring, she woke me up in the night and told me to stop. I again laughed at her and did not believe her at all. It was after few days that she took a webcam and recorded me sleeping and snoring at night. She showed the video to me the next day and my wife and kids kept laughing at me and I felt very embarrassed. I later got cured of the sickness by taking homeopathic tablets but my wife still has the recording with her and she keeps teasing me that she would upload the video online. It was a damn funny moment in out life and we still keep laughing over it whenever we see the video and it makes us remember that we love each other so much. Such moments are worth cherishing.

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