Friday, February 26, 2016

#ShareTheLoad - Times then and now

Reading the statistic report shared by Ariel, I see myself falling in the 76% category earlier when I too used to believe that not sharing laundry duties at home still makes me an ideal husband, father and man but now my perspective towards my duties has changed. I feel that I belong to the 25% category where I believe that men should wash their own clothes and share responsibilities with their wife.

A woman is an epitome of beauty, love and care and making her responsible for almost everything at home is not fair. Women work 24/7 and complete all the duties of the house without complaining but there can be atleast one responsibility we can share with our wives and that's the duty of sharing the laundry work. Ariel's ShareTheLoad campaign makes it clear that men can easily operate the washing machine and be repsonsible to get their clothes washed at home daily. The job is simple and it doesn't even require supervision and while our wives get the food cooked and take care of our children, we can ourselves get our clothes ready and share the burden of responsibilities.

Earlier when washing machines weren't launched, women used to work too hard to get their laundry work done. They used to collect vessels of water and washing the clothes used to be a huge burden for them. We had a family of 4 people and when we could not afford a washing machine, I used to see my wife struggle to wash the clothes as there used to be over 40-50 clothes to wash daily and since we had water shortage problems too, she used to struggle a lot to save water. She had to not only wash the clothes but dry them and iron them daily which was trouble some for her.

Now when we have 2 washing machines at home, it is easier for me to take over the laundry responsibility and also make my son wash his own school clothes and socks. It is time up that I teach my son too to help his mother in the laundry work and share the responsibilities so that he too behaves the same way with his wife. I need to be an ideal husband and father now so that my children too learn from me and behave the same way with their spouses. Laundry work is no longer only a woman's responsibility and if men like us come forward and help our wives today, our future generation too will change their views. I am sharing the load today, will you join me?

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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