Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First words "Dada" #MemoriesForLife

My message for my daughter:

 This scrapbook has my emotions intact and it is one of those moments that can never be recreated. These are few moments of life when you experience new changes and one such moment is the time when my first child came into this world and changed my entire life. I became a dad and this feeling was so different. I had been planning all the 9 months while my wife was pregnant and when my child came into my hands, her first yawn and smile was so pretty that I just captured the moment in my eyes.

I still remember her cute fingers that held my finger tightly as if she was asking me to stay with her forever and be with me as she considered me her savior and friend more than a father. I held her hand tightly and kissed her small fingers promising her that I'll always be with her and be like a friend to her more than her father.

The above message for her implies the love I have for my little daughter who is a grown up girl now but I'll always treat her like the five month old kid who first uttered the word "Dada" to me instead of "Mama" for her mom. May it was because I sue to keep making her say "Dada" all the time and her mother used to bet that she would only take her name when she starts talking. I won the bet and am always proud that my girl is a "Dada's daughter" and she has always been the apple of my eye. I have always been a protective father and not a dominating one which is why my daughter has never hidden anything from me, may it be the teacher's scoldings, her remarks in school for not doing her homework, or her first boy friend, she has always shares those secrets with me and her mother used to always get jealous of our bonding which is why we used to tease her always. I laugh when I remember those days but they were the special moments of my life which I will remember till my last breath. Her one word "Dada" is the best best moment for me and it brings tears today to my eyes when I remember her saying it for the first time. I wish I had a webcam that day to capture the moment but I've recorded the moment forever in my heart.

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