Saturday, August 20, 2016

#BestZapStore - My Zapstore

Zapstore has a very interesting feature wherein users can create and collect items from different ecommerce sites and curate a collection that represents themselves. Blogadda has come up with a really interesting concept this time where I can make others aware of my own personal choices with regards to clothing, accessories, interior decor and gadgets and this blogpost has few of those items that I have added to my store and that represent my choices and opinions about the items I prefer to buy while shopping online. I am not a fashion icon but I've generally been told and complimented for my style that is different and unique.

Taking you through my store, I've noticed that Zapstore has many users who have added items from different categories and it's interesting to view their preferences as well. The board has an option of Sharing my store items as well so that other users who have added me to their friend's list can checkout my recommendations and buy an item from their choice. The best part is that I can add items from almost all online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra and there is no restriction to the number of items I add to my store. It helps me as well to visit my store and checkout which item I need to buy and then directly add it to the cart. Zapstore redirects me to the respective website wherein I can make my payment and get the confirmation of the same.

Here is a Formal Suit that's a reflection of my style. It has the feeling of going for a formal meeting or an important presentation and it's the appearance of a person that should stand out when he represents his company. I usually attend board meetings wherein my appearance is a huge fact that matters and this suit is what is the best to make me get recognized. This represents myself as a manager and makes me feel confident. It just makes my fear and nervousness vanish due to it's style and fitting.

The next thing that matters to me while working is my watch. Everyone does notice the watch of a person to know his background and class and I usually prefer wearing simple watches but this was a watch that I would dream of owning someday. It's classic look and authenticity is something that represents myself and wearing this watch means never getting late for any meetings and appointments.

While the eyes travel from the suit to the watch, the next thing that makes an appearance perfect is the the phone a man owns. Since I prefer an iPhone above all other phones as it has all the necessary features I require, this would be the best one that suits my need. It's black in color and goes well with the entire outfit of mine.

Last but not the least, my shoes. When I've chosen a formal suit, the shoes too should be formal ones and these shoes have everything that a man requires. It's simply the best ones I need.

The link to my Zapstore is:

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.

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