Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Vision of 2050 #WOW

70 years ago when Indian freedom fighters were fighting bravely for our country to make our country independent of slavery from the British and 15th of August, 1947 marked the day of our freedom and it's all thanks to the brave warriors who fought for us and sacrificed their lives. It's due to their sacrifice that we have been free from slavery from Britishers but the sad truth is that today as well, we aren't completely free and independent. We all are aware of the injustice that is happening in our country and if I need to vision how 2050 would be, I definitely would like to view the brighter and more positive side of our country.

So here's my vision of 2050:

Public-driven Government

There would be no voting, no tickets given to candidates and no elections conducted wherein people are given false promises that would never be fulfilled. Instead, the Government would be completely controlled by a common man. Each person would have a right to say what they need and what suggestions do they have which would be noted publicly and votes would be live. This would make each person's suggestions and opinions open to all and they could vote if they agree or disagree. Then if a suggestion gets maximum votes in favor, the total funds of the Government would be displayed and then the appropriate funds would be assigned to fulfil the needs. This would prevent any kind of corruption and misuse of public's money and all people would be happy to have their thoughts and opinions being valued. Nobody would have any right to restrict them from their freedom of speech.

Disaster Predictor Transmission:

This Disastor Predictor Transmission feature would be like a signal that would be enabled or heard whenever there is a disaster/accident/crime about to take place and it would alarm the citizens of a particular area/city/state of the same before 24 hours of the incident so that the necessary steps to prevent it and protect people would be taken. This would significantly reduce the number of deaths and crimes in the country that's a major concern in today's time. The recent news of floods, the rise in the number of accidents and crimes like rape, murder, theft are alarming and this feature is one that would be a savior for all Indians.

Mind-reading Machine & One-Hearing Courts:

There would be a machine that would be used by the police and attorneys to get the truth from the criminals or the accused as well as the witnesses and this machine would be used to track the minds of these criminals and get the exact description of the crime scene with the help of flashes. Nobody would be allowed to lie as everything would be visible to one and all. No case would make the innocent suffer and everyone would get justice.

Today we have a fast-track court but still cases have been pending and piling up the desks of the respective legal authorities. How wonderful would it be to have a one-hearing court! Justice delayed is justice denied but with the help of these one-hearing courts, the evidence and with the help of the mind-reading machine, nobody would doubt the result and hearing of these cases.

Human GPS:

How many did know 70 years ago we would be using a device called a mobile and have a GPS-enabled device in our cars. We can definitely now have human's having this device implanted within themselves and it would be compulsory for all to have this device instead of bearing IDs and proofs to prove them as a citizen of a country. This GPS would be the best way to track the real identity of  person and there would be no way to have fake identities. Each person would be carrying this device within themselves and they would be tracked only by the legal authorities in cases of suspicion.

Green & Clean India:

Last but not the least, there would be clean and green detectors in each and every area and city that would detect the percentage of cleanliness in the area and each person of that area would be responsible to make his/her area shine and there would be awards and gifts given to the place with the highest percentage. This would motivate everyone to keep their place clean as they keep their house clean.

I just hope and dream of having these all in 2050 when I may not be there to visualize these things myself, my soul would be at peace that my country is definitely going to be known as the best countries in the world.

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