Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Jug(s) - Some things cannot be controlled

It was the month of December, Christmas Time, and I and my friends got together to enjoy each moment with joy and excitement. We had our holidays and hence there was a lot of time for preparation. On December, I and my best friend Michael were busy purchasing goodie bags, decorations, candles and toys for the Christmas tree and our other friends were busy in collecting money from our neighbors for the celebration. It was such a joyful moment for us as we were having a Christmas party for the first time in our house. We never had a party before as it was too small but this time my friends had agreed to celebrate it in our house and enjoy ourselves.

I and Michael had come home after spending almost 6 hours outside, buying different items, I was too drained out and tired. I rushed to the kitchen table along with Michael and we started taking out the vessels and serving ourselves. We were eating at such a speed that our friends were literally shocked seeing us feel so hungry and we asked them not to disturb us while eating. I began over eating due to the tiredness and then drank a glass of water to digest the food.

My friends then asked us to help them in cleaning the house as they had got no time to do it. It was just 5 days left for the party and hence I and Michael got to work soon and I started wiping all the furniture while Michael and the others started cleaning the floors. I took a stool to clean the fans and started feeling uneasy due to the food that had not been digested yet. It was feeling like gas collected in my stomach but still I felt that as I work, I would digest the food. It did not happen the way I had thought about it and out came the gas in the form of a loud noise. Hearing it, the cloth from my hand just slipped and Michael and my other friends stared at me with a sign of shock on their faces. I closed my eyes in embarrassment and they all burst out laughing. They kept laughing till I got down from the stool and ran inside the kitchen to have Eno and Michael followed me in. He kept his hand on my shoulder and tried to console me saying that it happens, it happens very often when we cannot control the Fart. I just puked out my water when he said that and the others again started laughing. I told them to stop but they did not. Instead, they started taking out noises and I pretended to shout and cry to make them stop. It was then when they all came near me, along with Michael, and we shared a big hug. I too couldn’t stop myself and I joined the laughter gang.

The entire day was spent laughing over that incident and though it was highly embarrassing, I remember it as the most joyful moment of my life. Michael and my other friends are the Jug of my life and today Michael is no more with us. I miss him every time Christmas arrives and we pray for him together. Miss you Michael!

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