Friday, January 27, 2017

#MagicOfWarmth It Takes a Moment to Create that Magic

I lost both my parents when I was too small and was living with my step-mother who never left any chance to humiliate me and insult me. I tried many times to accept her as a mother but failed to do so as she always ill-treated me and hence when I was 18, I left my house and started studying and working on my own. I was determined to live independently and seek my own existence that will be only mine and not depend on any other person in my life.

I did what I had planned to do where my life made me go through all sorts of difficulties but I did manage to complete my graduation and buy my own house. When my step-mother came to know that I was earning and had a flat, she tried to contact me and she also visited my house where my wife entertained her but I was not happy with her decision. My step mom had come with her sons who were my half-brothers and I was too cold towards them as I had never lived with them. After this, my wife kept contact with my half-brothers but I did not . She used to tell me to atleast talk to them as they were quite small and they shouldn’t be punished because of their mother. My inner voice used to tell me to talk to them but then I used to remember all the harshness of their mother and stop myself.

One day I heard a knock at my door. It was a Sunday and I was at home that day. I told them to come afterwards in anger but then one brother stopped me from closing the door and said “Mom is dead”. I just stood blank for few seconds and looked back at them. They were in sorrow and pain and I couldn’t hold back from calling them inside. The moment I told them to step inside, one brother hugged me and started crying. That moment for me was filled with pain, the pain that was no longer what I had felt due to my step-mother but the pain was of my brothers. They were too young to handle this loss and I remembered my pain when I lost my parents at their age. That day, a new relationship was built between me and my two brothers. We were united for once and for life and there was only love in the family. I had forgiven my step-mother by then and this relationship had a new beginning.

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