Saturday, April 11, 2015

DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity post 1 (A grandchild's gift)

It was when my grandfather was admitted in the hospital and he was living his last few moments with the family. He was suffering from pneumonia and was breathing with the help of a ventilator. It was a very emotional moment for the entire family.
My grand mom was completely shattered due to his bad health and doctor's as well had given up on his survival but he still had a hope within him to live even if it was for few more days. He never gave up till the last moment and this is the spirit I loved about him as a kid of 4 years old.

The last wish of my grandfather was to eat a banana as he was very fond of this fruit but since he was suffering from cold, my grand mother refused to give him the same and when my mother wanted to give him, my grandmother did not let her feed him saying that it was bad for his health but indeed it was his last wish and I couldn't see him not getting what he wished for and liked and hence I went and bought few bananas and quietly entered the hospital room where my grand father was admitted. I hid it from my grand mom and went to his bed and sat on the bed, taking the support of the stool.

Being only 4 years old and the only grand child of my grand parents, my grand father loved me and he used to pamper me a lot. I couldn't see him in pain and so I peeled a banana and fed him with a piece. He wasn't able to bite it as he was too weak and so I gave him a glass of water to swallow it and the smile that trailed down his face was worth millions. It was a treat to see my grand father smile and feel happy to eat his favorite fruit and a moment when I listened to my heart and not my mind. I just wanted him to be happy before he left this world and even though bananas were not good for his health, I fulfilled his last wish. I made him feel special and loved and then I sat besides him and sung his favorite song that he had taught me. The worlds were in Konkani but when I sang it, he too started singing the words with me and those moments were the best moments of my life that will always remain with me and I will cherish those last moments I spent with my grand father.

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