Saturday, April 11, 2015

CrashThePepsiIPL Phase 1 Second Post

There was an advertisement of Axe Blast which starred Ranbir Kapoor. He used to pass girls and the girls used to get mesmerized by his perfume and he used to count the number of girls by using a counter. The advert was kind of comical as the emotions portrayed were funny and a boy who looked pretty ordinary managed to attract more girls than Ranbir Kapoor as the boy was using Axe Blast perfume.

The advertisement was interesting to watch but it did not portray the women in a bad light by making them get attracted to a man by merely using a perfume. The climax of the advert was not so pleasing to watch Ranbir spray the perfume on his car's window and 1000 girls running towards the car and kissing it. The women seemed crazy after a fragrance. It was not comical but a kind of indecent.

There are many ads which do show women appreciating a man and vice verse because of the perfume or clothes they wear but there needs to be a certain decency and logic when ads are shown on television while this kind of ad does not do the same and sounds as if a perfume can make a woman crazy with its smell.

The advert could have easily shown the perfume as mesmerizing and attractive and as the feel and smell of a perfume cannot be experienced in a video ad, it gets difficult to advertise and promote the product and hence the ad needs to explain as to what is special about the product. By just showing women crazy to an extent of madness does not make a perfume worth buying and instead the ad could have used different elements like making a person smell great even after hours of using a particular perfume or giving him a look of a genius or well presented man by using the perfume which would appeal to the audience more.

The advertisements need to keep in mind the audience perspective as well and these kind of ads give a bad impression of women to the people watching it. Axe perfume usually promotes the products in a good manner and appealing way but this advert was a big disappointment and it was not pleasing to watch the ad with a family where women are respected a lot. The ad should have been portrayed a different way rather than this.

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