Saturday, April 11, 2015

DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity post 2 (A friend in need is a friend indeed)

It was an emotional moment for me as my friend had flunked in his final exams and we had passed the exams. He was feeling very low as his family too would not support him cause he failed and he was not in a state to talk or react due to his failure. He kept crying and we as friends tried our level best to cheer him up and make him understand the fact that passing and failing are all a part of our life and we should know how to cope up with failure as well but he was unable to understand anything.

My friend was so hurt that he was talking all senseless things and he wanted to commit suicide as he feared his parents would not let him inside his house and beat him up for failing in his final exams. His mental condition was very low and I being his best friend could not see him in distress and I did not know what to do to cheer him up and make him aware of what life means to him and what he means to us. He was so emotional that the only thing that was ticking his mind was his parent's reaction to his failure and that kept haunting him and he spent several of hours in the college itself.

I could not see his state and I followed my heart and contacted his mom and tried to make her understand her son's position and his mindset. His mother first was frustrated and unhappy about her son's failure but when she realized that her son was hurt terribly by his failure, she calmed down and I told her to come to the college and make her son understand. The mother listened to me and came to the college.

When my friend saw his mom there, he initially got scared of her as he thought she might scold him but then when his mom hugged him and wiped his tears, the joy I saw on his face was an unforgettable moment for me. He knew it was me who had decided to call his mom and he came to me and gave me a tight hug and kiss saying that I had made him feel special and it was the day when our friendship had become very strong. We kept in touch after that and even today, he is my best friend and will always be special to me.

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