Thursday, October 8, 2015

#ChampIsBack Blogadda Activity 1

LG Nexus  5X just thrilled me with its amazing features that I haven't seen in any other mobile till date. I've been using Android smartphones and I also own an iPhone but I am glad that even LG is competing with other brands and trying to bring in new innovative features for its consumers.

Now Blogadda has given its bloggers a new activity wherein we can blog about the new features in a creative way and win Big.

The first feature which I want to talk about is the "All your photos, organized and easy to find" feature:

With this feature, we can save unlimited photographs and access them from anywhere which is amazing. I have around 200 pics stored in my mobile and that occupies a lot of memory. With this feature, I just need to save using this app. I can even search for my pictures using the title.

If I need to add to this feature, it would be amazing if I could edit these pictures like add a new background if I am taking a selfie, change my expressions and make my picture look better and use it the way we sue photoshop. I should also have an option to save it in a format I want like jpg, gif, png and so on.

 The second feature is very innovative "Simplified security: Nexus Imprint" which is my most favorite feature.

I've seen a laptop that has this security feature for unlocking the laptop but this has been introduced for a mobile phone as well which is a big achievement for LG. I love the fact that instead of entering a security code, I need to just imprint my finger on the censor and my phone can get unlocked. It makes my data remain secure and safe without the need to remember a code/s.

If I need to add to this feature, it would be an option to add two or more thumbprints that can be stored in the data of the phone so that if in case I can't access my mobile, the person whom I've added can access my phone. This should be an option available to the original person whose thumbprint is stored and only he can add new entries. Also, if I could receive a code via email or on my other mobile number wherein my phone has been accessed using an invalid thumbprint or an app that's private has been accessed, I can be alerted instantly on my alternate number.

 The third and last feature of this phone is "The new standard: USB Type-C™":

This is a very important feature of this phone as the chargers that I use make me think which side to insert and also it takes hours to charge one phone. This feature charges the mobile in just 10 mins and then the phone can be used for hours which is just amazing.

I would love if there could a way wherein I could be alerted that the phone has been charged and also a feature that could stop the phone from getting overcharged and save the electricity. Since we are working on global warming, this could be great to make it consume less electricity.

 I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.

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