Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Points 5 Reasons #SoftestForBabySkin

When a child is born, the major responsibility to look after the child is taken up by the mother but it is also a father's responsibility to take utmost care of the child and help the mother by sharing the time and taking care of the kid. I did the same when my children were small and they needed their father as much as they needed their mother. From changing their diapers, to bathing them, feeding them and playing with them, I tried to delegate my time equally between my work and my children. For me, their health and happiness was more than anything in this world and since Pampers has given me an initiative to go about thinking of the days I spent with my kids and how much I protected their skin and health, I would like to explain few points which I had taken care of with regards to their skin.

The first point was giving them a skin-to-skin contact while making them fall asleep. This was a step that my doctor had recommended me and my spouse to take care of as it helps to make the baby sleep well and also the body heat is important for the skin of the baby. It makes the baby fall asleep in your arms and also it makes it feel protected and safe.

The second point was to take care of the sleeping hours of my baby. I made sure that the baby gets good amount of sleep so that the skin remains healthy and the baby's health also isn't affected. When the baby used to get disturbed at night, it was either me or my spouse who used to make the baby fall asleep again.

The third point was to decide on the bathing time for the baby. It is necessary to be sure and fix a time when the baby needs to take a bath as changing the hours of the bath time will affect the health of the baby as well. We decided to bathe the baby in the afternoon and it worked perfectly.

The fourth point was to make sure the baby's skin is not affected by the dust particles and also the weather. We made sure that we take the baby for a walk when it's cool outside and not in the afternoon when there is a lot of sun. The reason was that the baby's skin can be harmed by being in direct contact with the sun and that needs to be avoided as much as possible.

The fifth and last point was to clean the floor and keep the areas where the baby moves and sleeps, absolutely clean. Our kid used to be very active and keep touching the flooring and furniture while crawling on the ground and hence we used to take care that everything should be clean and tidy so that the baby's skin and health is not affected.

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