Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A message for my sister #MemoriesForLife

My message:

My mother died when I was barely 6 years old and my dad remarried. y step mother never gave me motherly love and it was only my sister who cared for me and loved me till her last day. It brings tears to my eyes when I remember my dear sister as she is no more staying with me and living in Australia. As I am writing this message for her, I remember.

Dear Rumaldine,

    This is your younger brother Richard who wants to communicate with you and I know you are listening to me sitting miles away from me. Hope this message reaches you when you are in the pink of health.

    I am writing this letter to you as I really miss you and though we often talk over the phone and send letters to each other, I've never got the opportunity to thank you for all the love and care you've given me all these years.

    I still remember how you looked after me when I was small and today I want to remember all those beautiful memories once again and especially that day when I was sick and you took care of me when I was ill. I know that it was difficult for you as your husband never liked me and he used to scold you for entertaining me in your house. That day you did not bother about anything and took care of me, fed me and made me lie in your room without caring about the scoldings that your husband would give you. You used to always make my favorite lady finger dish and feed me with your own hands and I really miss those hands whenever I have this dish at my home. You just were a mother like figure to me and you never made me miss our mother and gave me undying love. You had your own kids but still you cared for me always. It was because of your love and encouragement that I could complete my education and today whatever I am it is because of you and only you.

I know that you will have tears in your eyes as you read this but this is my love for you. Love always my sister Rumaldine....

                                Your brother

I am glad and so proud today that I could share this message with me sister and I'll be sending her this message today via email. I just remember each and every moment I spent with my beloved sister and God Bless her always.

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