Thursday, April 7, 2016

Subway Diet Review

My friend asked me to try the new Subway diet meal and told me that the Subway diet meal is made of a 6-inch turkey sub and a veggie sub which is preferable by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The food of Subway is a meal that contains no oil, no cheese and is introduced for people who are having weight problems to enjoy their favorite meal which is fat free. I then started following the Subway diet and managed to reduce about 2 kgs in the first week which was a big achievement.

I love Subway’s non-vegetarian food more and I have started eating the Subway diet meal which has helped me in controlling my weight. It helps me to manage my diet and the food I am eating is healthy and tasty as well even though there is no cheese and oil in the food. I have recommended this diet food of Subway to my other friends as it is the best way to reduce weight. I have managed to lose about 5 kgs within a month which was the best result for me till date.

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