Friday, April 29, 2016

#MyInternTheory Presentation

As I explained my first day as a lecturer, here I would like to throw some light on some moments wherein I had to prepare my students for a presentation and I had just a month to do the same. It was during my internship where the principal wanted each class to make a presentation on the environment and put forward some ideas before Mr. Abdul Kalam who was the main guest for the program. It was a tough moment for me and my students as Mr. Kalam would be choosing one of the best ideas and announcing a prize as well. Since I was the only intern, I had to prove myself and make my students as well proud.

I started working with my students and we kept checking out newspapers, books and magazines and collecting all the topics about the topic. We were around 7 who were working together and my students were very cooperative. They waited after college too and worked on this presentation. We collected the finest details we could and made notes of it. I had a book wherein we stuck pictures and topics that spoke about the environment. We had some black and white pictures too to present that day. It took us three weeks to get everything we needed, right from the speeches of some environmental analysts to magazine cut outs and a graph that we had to explain during the presentation. We finally prepared a 10-minute long presentation. We decided to have a skit too to present the ideas and motive of the presentation and the principal did not mind the same. After a week-long rehearsal, we were prepared completely for the day and I gave my students the confidence and motivation so that they don't fumble on the stage.

When the day finally came, I was biting my nails in nervousness and hoping that everything goes well. My students presented the ideas as we had planned and Mr. Kalam was very happy hearing our thoughts. The smile on his face made me take a sigh of relief that atleast we managed to make him happy and my principal too was clapping at the end of the presentation.

We did not win the first prize but received the second prize and it was really meaningful to me to get a prize from Mr. Kalam's hands. Being an intern, there couldn't have been a greater moment for me than this one.

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.

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