Thursday, September 8, 2016

Have you ever witnessed or ever reported any crime?

This happens in many families. I also have witnessed many such crimes against women and these have not been reported. The women who suffer this keep quite as they do not want their children and family to break but they need to understand that today it is happening to them and tomorrow this can happen to their children and others too. Even if we want to help them out, they do not want to help themselves. As a result, they keep getting exploited and beaten up and their children too loose respect for their parents and continue the same with their wife and children in future. There is a saying that the person who commits a crime is at fault but the person who is not reporting the same and continuing being a victim is also responsible.

We always put blame on the Police and Government for our safety and protection, but we need to understand that when we see anyone in pain on the road being beaten up or molested or wounded, we need to at least contact the police and report the incident if not help. If today we help another person, tomorrow if we are in trouble someone will help us. There are so many cases when people get wounded on the road and all people pass by them and they keep lying and crying in pain and people just ignore. It’s very sad that even one person does not go forward and reach that person to hospital instead they take pictures on their mobile phone and try capturing the scene and have a laugh at it as it happen in a case in July 2012 where many people kept recording the crime but none came forward to stop it.

As much as we feel bad hearing about crimes, we should go ahead and try to stop such crimes or atleast report these crimes to the Police and make an effort. This can be the first step we can take to make our conscience feel that we have done something to stop a crime. Let's start doing it from today.

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