Saturday, June 13, 2015

SmellytoSmiley Post 1

It was the time when we had just shifted to Mumbai and we had chosen a flat in a building which was near a dumping ground. We did not notice this as an obstruction before as the dumping ground was quite away from the building but when we shifted in the flat, we started getting a strong odor and noticed that we have made such a big mistake of choosing this building.

As days passed by, the smell started getting worse and it used to get difficult to even eat food at home and my daughter used to find it tough to even study during her board exams due to the foul odor. I had purchased many perfumes and I used to keep spraying it all over the room to keep the room smell fresh but it used to get tough during rainy seasons to avoid that foul odor from making the room stink.

When guests used to visit the house, they too used to feel uncomfortable as the odor used to be strong and since our flat is quite close to the end of the building, the smell could not be avoided. It used to get embarrassing at times as we had done everything to make our house look good and perfect and we had also renovated our house and replaced the old furniture but we could not organize a house warming party just because of the unpleasant odor that would ruin the environment. We used to organize parties either in restaurants or book a hall which used to get expensive at times but we did not find a better solution to our problem.

We tried several methods like burning a candle stick and using room fresheners but all these methods helped us to get relief only for few hours but at nights the situation used to get worse. I started getting breathlessness due to the foul smell and we had to close our windows all day to avoid the stink from spreading in our house. One day I decided to complain about this issue to the Municipality and I wrote a written complaint to my building's secretary to get the dumping area closed to have a permanent solution of this problem. We all building members had to keep putting pressure on the Municipality and within 3 months, this issue was solved and the dumping area was closed down with mud. It is necessary to choose a place that is free of any unpleasant dumping grounds or pools as the smell becomes unbearable and it gets difficult to spend time at home.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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