Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MaxFreshMove Post 1

Allu Arjun is known for his dance moves and energetic performances in his movies while Anushka Manchanda is known for her terrific and intense voice. The duo coming together would just create a storm of music and dance and make the public dance on their toes. I can't imagine how the environment but it would definitely be the most entertaining and memorable events I have ever attended.

An imaginary situation which would suit this duo would be the most famous places in Mumbai, The Gateway of India. This place is the most famous place in Mumbai and everyday hundreds of people gather at the Gateway of India and appreciate the place for its beauty and simplicity.

When Anushka and Allu would perform at the Gateway of India, it would be the best thing for any Indian as they could experience the beauty of the place as well as the music and dance of the two stars.

Anushka would sing the song "Golmaal" from the movie Golmaal to start the concert and other dancers and regular crowd could join the fun and music by dancing to this trendy song. The next song would be "Tu Saala" from the movie Golmaal Returns and all the boys would form one group with Allu being the lead while the girls would join Anushka's group and enjoy the dance moves and competition.

Anushka would continue singing the most popular songs that she has sung in Bollywood movies like "Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu" and then Allu would shake his leg and sing the next line "I want to be with you" which would make Anushka reply as "Tere Peche Peche Main" and Allu would reply "Mere Aage Aage Tu." and then Anushka would continue singing the next lines "Ek Main aur ek Tu" and the tone would be loud and clear which would entertain the crowd and make them rock the dance floor.

The concert would reach its finale with the recent and most popular song named "Dance Basanti" from the movie named Ungli and Allu would dance like Dharmendra to make the environment light and the audience too would go with the flow and dance this famous song.

Allu Arjun would end the concert with a small dance number and he would also sing few words of the song that made Anushka so famous and popular and this song would be "Dum Maroo Dum" which would bring light and peace to the crowd and this concert would definitely make The Gateway of India the most energetic and memorable.

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