Saturday, June 13, 2015

SmellytoSmiley Post 2

We are living in a building where all Gujaratis stay besides us and the owner of the building as well is a Gujarati himself. As we are Catholics and the neighbors are hindus, they remain away from us as we keep eating non vegetarian food and they even hate the smell of it. When my wife used to buy fish or meat from the market, our neighbors used to start frowning and complaining about the smell. They started behaving very weird just because of the smell and since it is our food, we did not appreciate their behavior.

I being a foodie and fond of fish, I wanted to eat fish curry at least twice a week and especially on weekends when I am at home.    My wife buys a lot of fish from the market during weekends and she really needs to hide it from the neighbors as if they get the smell, they would again start passing remarks and spoil her mood. It gets tough to cook fish with the windows and doors closed and hence my wife opens the windows as the smell of fish is very strong and even by spraying perfume in the room, the smell does remain till the dishes aren't washed completely and the left overs are discarded in the trash bin. It gets difficult for us to discard the remains of the fish as we can't keep the trash bin inside our house and if we keep it outside the house, the neighbors start complaining about the smell. Hence, my wife decided to spray the trash plastic and even put camphor balls inside the bin so that the smell doesn't affect the neighbors.

When our relatives or friends come over for dinner, they too get the smell of either fish or any other spices my wife cooks and hence it gets difficult at times to avoid that smell as the smoke collects in the entire house. I have yet not found a permanent solution to this problem as the smell of fish is very strong and no matter what I do to avoid the smell and even spray perfume but the smell still remains and it feels congested to stay in the house by closing the windows and doors. The best way we found is to keep using perfumes as a reduce the strng smell of non veg which controls it too some extent and makes it bearable.

It is tough to make the house smell good these days but I guess Ambi Pure will be a solution to these strong odors.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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