Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MaxFreshMove Post 2

Anushka Manchanda has been a contestant of the dance reality show named "Jhalak Dikhlaja" and we have witnessed her as an amazing singer as well as dancer in the show. Allu Arjun, on the other hand, is a famous Tamil celebrity and is known for his movies like Arya 2 and Race Gurram.

The imaginary scene that I would choose to see the two stars Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun performing would be the common man's everyday journey and where every working person travels and spends his time which is called the Railway Station and Churchgate Station is on of the places where the maximum crowd gets together and spends their moments which is quite boring and tiring. Every common man travels by the train and this experience is not pleasing for him or her as it makes a person feel low and it becomes the most boring and stressful journey for a person as a person needs to cope up with the rush that pushes one inside the train and everyone needs to struggle for just 1 seat. If there is a concert or dance performance at the railway station, it would make one and all remember those moments and it would make the crowd enthusiastic and excited.

Anushka would be the female singer who would get off the train from the ladies compartment as a regular traveller and Allu would get off the other train from the gents compartment. They both would dash each other which would cause Anushka's bag to fall to the ground. Allu would pick up the bag and give it to Anushka. She would smile at him and take her bag singing the song "Behke Behke" from the movie Aisha.

Behke behke nain, cheenay dil ka chain
Toh yeh pyaar hai

Anushka then would starts swirling around and call her friends to join her in the dance and they would together sing the words:

Koi intezaar karde bekaraar
Toh yeh pyaar hai

Anushka would dance besides Allu and he would keep smiling and watching her dance besides him:

Yaadein, dil ko tadpayein
Saansein, ulajti jaaye
Aankhein, sapne dikhlaye
Jab anjaane
Aankhon, se tu gabhraye
Raaton, mein so na paaye
Haathon, ko malta jaaye
Tu deewane

Allu would continue singing the remaining words and take her in his arms singing:

Hote hote oh yeah
Ho jaane do na pyaar

Then the crowd would join the two and start dancing with full energy and enthusiasm.

It would now be Allu's turn to sing a song for Anushka and he would start singing Anushka's song "Alisha" from the movie Pyaar Impossible but he would give it a twist by replacing Alisha with Anushka:

Jab se tujhko hai jaana
Dil ne kaha na maana
Sach to hai tu kahan main kahan
Jab se tujhko hai jaana
Dil ne kaha na maana
Sach to hai tu kahan main kahan

Anushka would continue the rest of the song and starts dancing with Allu. Allu would then end their concert by asking Anushka to sing her most famous song  "Dum Maroo Dum" and they would call people from the trains to come and join them and it would be a memorable experience for every daily traveller.

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