Friday, July 3, 2015

Best from 1

I kept checking different categories on the website and one such category pleased me and it was the family-living category which had many interesting articles listed. This article ( Should you reward kids for doing chores stood out as the best one and it was quite meaningful and appealing.

I have always been interested in making my kids doing chores, may be not too much of work, but atleast they should learn how to keep their room clean and tidy as now their room is always messed up and this makes them careless as well.

As a dad, it's my responsibility as well to make my children responsible and this article appeals to moms as well as dads. The story of Kimberly is very interesting and she adopted the correct method of rewarding her kids to do house chores and get responsible. I often give my kids gifts from time to time but now by giving them prizes for doing small chores will really be helpful and they would also have fun while doing tasks. Children often forget to keep their rooms clean and they ignore the fact that their room needs to be arranged and they shouldn't sleep in a messy room. They take this thing for granted as they feel that the parents are responsible for cleanliness but they need to be responsible for their room and keep it well maintained.

Giving the kids points for each chore makes them competitive and they start collecting points as fast as they can. The article also helps us as parents to reward kids and make them feel that they can also earn prizes for doing the household chores.

We parents often give our kids a piggy bank and we keep filling it with money so that they can use the piggy bank money as pocket money. The idea adopted by  Denine and Daniele has become an inspiration for me as it gives me an idea that when my kids too complete a task or a chore, I can fill in money in the piggy bank and the children too will find it interesting to do their work for a dollar in their piggy bank. There should also be a threshold amount set by the parents which makes the children complete a said number of tasks and then only they can redeem the points for real cash. Giving them gifts is a better option rather than real money but it depends on the kids if they want to use the money in a better way and not misuse it.

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