Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Addressing few facts ShareTheLoad

As we spoke about how laundry is considered as a women's job despite of noting the fact that men also do the laundry work as a part of their job and we have seen Dhobi ghaats where mainly men are seeing washing the clothes, this thinking process needs to be changed.

I have made a list of things that need to be addressed in order to change the identities of women being responsible of the laundry work.

1. Why does a woman need to promote a detergent brand?

For years we have seen ads promoting detergents and have women shown as the person promoting the brand. Recently, an advertisement shows how a child gets his t-shirt dirty and a lady tells his mom her work has increased. It's not the advertisement that is at fault as every brand portrays women responsible for the laundry work. The men are shown passing on their clothes to the ladies of their house and the ladies then are shown scrubbing the clothes and washing them with the detergent powder. Why this can't be changed? The ads need to show men too helping the women in this job as just passing on the dirty clothes to the women makes it the responsibility of a women only to manage the laundry work. When a man's clothes get dirty, he can himself wash his own clothes instead of making it a woman's job.

2. Laundry work is not rocket-science

Men feel that washing machines are made for women to use it. When I visit malls too, it's mainly women who are seeing purchasing washing machines and men paying the bills. Is it right? A washing machine can be used by anyone who learns how to use it and men aren't incapable of using a washing machine. It has infact made the laundry work look like a minute's job. It just requires a little effort to scrub the clothes with the detergent and press the button of the washing machine. Then you need to take out the clothes and dry them. Is it difficult? Not at all. Anyone can do it and we can start this by making our sons wash their own clothes or atleast start learning how to use a washing machine. They will themselves operate it later on and share the load.

3. Blogs addressing the fact:

I recently read this blog and was shocked to see the facts mentioned here. https://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2012/01/19/125-years-of-holding-women-responsible-for-laundry/

For 125 years, people only hold women responsible of the laundry work? Why is it so? I am also a male and I don't see why does my wife only have the need to wash the clothes of my house. I can do this job easily. While cooking is a task that requires one to first learn how to cook, laundry doesn't require any kind of knowledge. It's one of the most easiest tasks that anyone can do and it is not at all a workload. Men need to think about the other jobs a women does and take up atleast the laundry work to make it easier for their females.

We need to agree that Laundry is not just a women's responsibility and there's nothing that really defines a job as a women's job or a man's job. Clothes are worn by both genders and hence why differentiate or identify one as the one held responsible of the laundry work? I hope this blog post can help in spreading the word and men do Share The Load.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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