Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy moments which I shared with my wife during her pregnancy #YummyMummy

Here I have listed down those special moments and unforgettable ones which I shared with my wife during her pregnancy. It was tough for both of us as it was our first baby and her mom was away and could barely visit us. I have some moments to share which were the best ones and funny as well since my wife had mood swings too.

When she got her first sonography report:

It was after three months when my wife got her first sonography report. I couldn't accompany my wife to the hospital as I had not got a leave and she went with her mother to the hospital. But I am thankful to the new technology that my wife could share the pictures of the first sonography report via the internet and she mailed me all those pictures. I viewed them on my laptop and felt so emotional to see my baby's first picture. I kept touching my computer screen and I could only see its legs that looked as small as two teeth. I can't express my feelings in words but all my office colleagues kept admiring those pictures and congratulating me. I went home and we both kept checking the report and imagining what would our baby would look like.

Her baby bump...

It was after 3.1 months that my wife's baby bump was visible and she started gaining a lot of weight. I used to keep teasing her by showing her pictures of how women look in their 7th-8th month and she used to fear of becoming fat. She used to wear long kurtis and paijamas instead of her formal wear and mostly loose clothes.

When she began vomiting:

She did not start vomiting during the first 3 months and it was later on when she used to keep vomiting and I used to feel concerned for her. There was no medicine she could take to stop the vomiting and it was considered normal. I uesd to feel bad for her as the doctor had strictly advised her not to consume any tablets as it could harm the baby's growth. Even when she used ot get headache or stmach ache, she used to learn to control it rather than consume SARIDON or CROCIN.

When my wife kept craving like a baby...

My wife started feeling restless after her fifth month and she used to keep these demands before me that used to makes me wonder whether she is having a baby or is a baby herself. LOL! She used to eat lot of tamarind and kairis but besides that, she used to wake up in the night and ask me to make sandwiches and cheese toast for her. It was one night that she just woke up at 3:00 a.m. and ordered me to go to the kitchen else she would start crying. I was too sleepy but watching her craving, I went insdie the kitchen and decided to fulfill her wish. Unfortunately, there was no bread in the fridge and when I told her the same, she started getting even more cranky. I rushed down to the neighbors house and watching the time, they asked me if there was any problem. I asked them for bread and explained them the situation. When they said they have it, I breathed a sigh of relief. I rushed back up and heard my wife scolding me for taking so long. I went in the kitchen and made her cheese toast sandwich within 15 minutes and she ate it like a child.

The first kick...

She was in her sixth month and I was busy communicating with our baby and making him listen to music. The song was "Disco Dancer" and one of my favorites which was playing and that time our baby kicked for the first ever time. My wife was getting pain initially and to cheer up her mood, I added humor to that moment saying that it's Mithun Chakraborthy's fault and Bappi Lehri who sang the song. The child got angry with that music and hence kicked. She started laughing and her pain too vaished within few minutes.

The day of the delivery...

This day when I came rushing to meet her and the baby, she was screaming in pain and resting on the bed. Those moments had been hard for both of us and more for her as she took all the pain and trouble during these nine months and this day her effort would pay off. Her water bag had broken and the doctors came in and took her away. Her mom was besides her and I kept waiting outside and praying that everything goes well. Finally, the nurse came out with the doctor and congratulated me on becoming a father. It was a moment when my entire world had changed and I rushed inside to see my wife smiling at me and having tears in her eyes. I hugged her tightly and we both enjoyed this moment of joy.

For every father, these moments are the best ones of our life and on this Mother's Day, I want to thank all those women out there and salute them for if it was not for them, we males too wouldn't see life. It's they who bring us in this world and take all the pain upon themselves.

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