Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Discussing the task's gender ShareTheLoad

As I and my wife took up this activity at home and had a great time sharing the load and writing about our experience, we both as individuals spoke about the general perspective of women and men thinking about what work is decided to be a male's job or a female's job. We started talking about all the house chores that a woman performs at home and thinking about each task being feminine or not.

1. Making breakfast, lunch and dinner:

These tasks can be performed by males and females. Like we have male chefs in restaurants who are expert in cooking, this job can be done by both males and females. It's not a task that cannot be done by any gender and like we have females who handle household duties in addition to their office duties, we can have males too who can take up the duty of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner at home.

2. Laundry work:

It's true that we haven't actually seen males wash their own clothes in their houses but we do have laundries where we can see males washing the clothes, ironing them and returning them to us. When males can do it outside the house and it is considered as their job, they can do it at home as well. Laundry work is not only assumed to be a women's job nor is it a task that is feminine. It's a responsibility that needs to be shared.

3. Homework/Taking care of kids:

Like we see mothers completing the homework of their kids, why can't males do the same? Educated men can take up this responsibility and teach their kids while the women in their house can take the time off or concentrate on another job. Educating a kid is a parents job and not exactly defined as a man's or woman's job. We have male teachers in schools and colleges and so males can teach their kids at home as well.

As we discussed about the household jobs, we noticed that there is no task that is feminine and we have seen men who do the same as a part of their job, can share the load with the females of their house as well. There should be nothing that can be considered only a female's job as each and every task can be done by both, men and women. We need to promote this message on all platforms to see the responses and get feedback on the same.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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