Saturday, May 7, 2016

#YummyMummy The birth of a father

Being a male, I always envied woman as they have God's gift of giving birth to a new life while for a male, he has always to live the pregnancy moments with his wife but can never experience the same.

Reliving those moments...

It was a Friday and I had come from office all tired and stressed as I had worked overtime since weekends wee an off for me. 

As usual I called out to my wife "Honey, please bring me a glass of orange juice. I'm too tired now and office colleagues made me complete their pending work..."

My wife came out with a glass of orange juice within 5 minutes and had this endless smile on her face. I wondered if she has prepared something good for dinner or if her office work was going good. I gulped down te juice in few seconds and handed over the glass. I asked her with a smile on my face "Anything special, Honey? Some good news." These words just came out as casual words at that moment.

"Yes." She said. "I have a good news." Her smile was worth capturing and I asked "What's special? Got a salary hike? Any special dinner or something?" "I did not cook food today. Mom is going to come over for dinner and she has cooked something special." I wondered what's the reason and she then caressed her stomach and whispered "I'm pregnant."


The moment she said those two words to me, I jumped with joy. I had been stressed earlier and that news made my all stress vanish immediately.

For a mother, those moments are even more special as she experiences each and every moment of her child's movement within her and she can feel her breath too while for a father, his entire world changes when he gets to know he is becoming a dad and there will be a kid who will call him "Dada". It was the same for me where I had to make so many preparations to welcome my child, right from planning her diet, doing all the shopping, employing a maid for the housework, to getting a nutritionist who helped my wife all those 9 months and made her a diet chart. My wife was skeptical about putting on weight and then not be able to reduce it after delivery but the neutritionist helped her to gain confidence.

I was working in the office when I got a call from hom that my wife has been admitted in the hospital due to labor pain and I took a half day and rushed to the hospital. After 3 hours, the baby was born and the doctor told us it's a girl. My daughter was still in the incubator due to health issues and a premature delivery and I looked at her from outside thanking my wife and God for this new happiness.

I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.

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