Friday, July 3, 2015

Best from 2

The other article that caught my attention on the website is the article '5 Ways to Know Your Child Is Ready for a Phone' ( 5 ways to know your child is ready for a phone. The thing that I found unique and appealing in this article was that I was always concerned about my children using a mobile phone at a young age. I dint find it a need to gift my children a mobile phone as they are not even teenagers and they won't be as responsible with a mobile phone and may misuse it. The main concern I have with regards to cell phones is that a smartphone has many applications and the internet feature which can be easily misused by children and they start getting addicted to playing games like Candy Crush on the smartphone and don't concentrate on their studies.

This article has very well listed the points which can make me as a parent realize whether my child really needs and it ready to own a mobile phone or not and the points are detailed very well.

The first point mentions that the kids should own a mobile phone only if they are in need of such a phone and when there is no possible way to contact them via the school or college phone. If we as parents are concerned about our child's safety and want to track them as a compulsion, it would mean that our child needs a mobile phone and we should let them use it.

The next point mentions that our children should not feel that their parents are stalking them and are harming their freedom and they must be OK to know that their parents are concerned about them and hence are giving them a mobile phone.

The third points is the most important point that our child should be matured enough to own a mobile phone. The fact is that our child's age doesn't prove whether he or she is matured enough to take care of a mobile phone and he or she can handle it and use it wisely. A mobile phone shouldn't be a fashion or status symbol but our child should own it only because they need it and can take care of it.

The fourth and fifth point are important for every parent to know and evaluate. A parent needs to monitor their child and for this it's necessary to know which apps are present in the phone we gift our child and also we should understand and trust our children with a cell phone.

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