Monday, July 6, 2015

FirstLove - A new born baby

The first thing we were told by the doctor when my child was born that it is necessary to massage the baby well from the first day itself as it helps the baby to be healthy and strong. The following were the benefits that were explained to me and my wife when our child was born.

1. Blood Circulation:

When the baby is small, its skin is very tender and delicate. Due to this, the baby needs proper care and a product that will help to moisturize the skin and make it healthy.

Baby oil like Johnson's baby oil or Dabur Lal oil when massaged on the skin of the baby, helps it to improve the blood circulation of the body.

2. Dryness:

When we held our new born baby in our hand, the first thing we noticed the skin was very dry and it needed to become tight and soft.

Baby oil when massaged on the skin helps in curing the dryness of the baby's skin and makes it soft and smooth. Though the body does appear greasy at times but after washing the baby, we could be able to see the difference in the skin texture as it was very soft and not dry.

3. Mineral Oil

The baby's skin needs proper nourishment and this can only be provided with the help of massaging baby oil on the body. The mineral oil helps in preventing excess moisture loss from the baby's body which helps in maintaining the texture and prevents dryness as well.

4. Bonding

We as parents felt that while massaging the baby, the baby would start crying as it might be painful but to my surprise, the baby kept smiling throughout the massage and that became the best time to bond with our baby. While massaging the baby, the baby felt a bit ticklish and we made sure that we aren't rough while massaging the body. While oiling the legs and hands, a cute smile used to form on our baby's face and that was the best moment of our life.

5. Bones

For a new born baby, the bones of a baby are very weak. A little pressure on the bones can cause a disorder and it is very necessary to make the bones strong and this can be done only by massaging the baby's body with oil. When we massaged the baby's body daily, the baby was able to move its hands and legs and within 6 months, the baby was able to crawl and even stand a little with the help of support. This was only because we massaged the baby's body.

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