Monday, July 6, 2015

FirstLove Post 2

There are many benefits of massaging baby oil on the baby's body and I would like to share one such instance in which baby oil helped when my baby fell sick due to stomach pain.

My baby was getting cramps in the stomach and was constantly crying. It was tough for us to understand what had happened to the baby that it kept crying all the while. We checked the baby's diapers and also checked if the baby was feeling hot due to the weather but it was not the case and I took the baby for a walk to make it feel better as it was about 3:00 a.m. and the time was not appropriate to call up any doctor. The baby still kept crying that then we thought of massaging the baby so that it would stop crying and feel better.

We started massaging the baby's hands and legs but it did not stop the crying but when we started massaging the stomach, the baby's crying reduced and she kept silent as we kept massaging the stomach with baby oil. The doctor told us the next day that the baby was having a stomach pain and hence when we massaged little baby oil, it helped the pain to decrease due to which its crying too stopped.

It does happen that the baby gets pain in the body and falls sick due to this and since baby oil contains minerals that keep the blood circulation proper and makes the bones healthy, we must use baby oil for the baby till it is able to walk. Mineral oil is very safe for the body of the baby and hence it is encouraged to use baby oil for the baby to help it gain strength and make its skin soft and smooth.

Olive oil is also very helpful for the baby's skin to get nourished and prevent dryness and excess moisture from leaving the baby's body and there are many ways in which we should massage the baby. The fragrance of the oil also matters a lot and johnson's baby oil has a very relieving fragrance that helps the baby to get sleep fast and makes it more energized when the baby wakes up. It helps to moisturize the skin and get relieve from any body pain whether for the baby and even adults can use the same oil which helps the dryness to reduce. It is strongly suggested to use baby oil till the baby grows big for the better health of the baby.

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