Friday, July 3, 2015

Share your expertise - Snacks your children should have during exams

Usually parents feel that children should have a heavy breakfast or lunch before their exams while some parents do not give their child any food and instead give fruits and milk to their children so that they can concentrate better during their examination and do not feel overfull while writing their papers. However, we should feed our kids with certain important things at the time of their examination.

1. Make light food:

It's often necessary to make light food for our children during exams as it is often important to know what they have before the exams. Feeding them with few biscuits and a fruit plate is more than enough as milk and rice can make them feel sleepy during exams and drinks often make them feel like visiting the restroom quite often.

Light snacks can include snacks like bread and jam, chocos, sandwich are some snacks which can be given to our children.

2. Lunch boxes:

Biscuits and chips are few snacks that can be packed for our children which they can eat before their exams and they should avoid drinking a lot of water before the exams. Even fruits can be suffice for the children and they can be packed in their lunch boxes.

3. Energy drinks:

Drinks can be consumed about 3-4 hours before the exams so that children's concentration can improve and they can feel energized before appearing for the exams. Drinks like bournvita and milo can be beneficial for them or even fruit juices and milkshakes can be good but utmost care must be taken that the drinks are made by us and the glasses should be clean as it can even cause an indigestion which can harm the health of the child.

What things should be avoided during exams:

1. Medicines:

It has often been noted that when children eat too many medicines, it makes them feel sleep and sometimes even sick due to the side effects. They can eat the medicines after the exams but not during the exams.

2. Oily stuff or fast food

Children should avoid eating any oily stuff or fast food during their examinations and even home made food like chaat and burgers can lead to side effects which can make your child fall sick during their examination.

3. Rice or fat food

Rice is a food than can make your child feel sleepy during the paper and it should be avoided as it does help the health but a little distraction can make your child not concentrate well on the paper. Fat food like cheese and butter as well should be avoided.

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