Friday, July 3, 2015

Share your expertise "8 Tips to maintain and clean your house-- For Men"

It has been always observed that women have always been responsible for the household whether it comes to cooking, cleaning and looking after the children but when it comes to men doing the household work, the work seems to be tedious and almost impossible at times to maintain the household and cleaning is one such job which is not only tough but there are many things that are involved to keep a house clean or manage the budget and housework. One needs to plan a lot before starting this job and hence here are some tips for men only as women are already aware of it:

1. It has often been observed in houses which have more than the required number of things and this makes the house look clustered and untidy. The first tip would be to put all the old furniture and things not needed for sale. You can earn an extra income and just stay with the furniture you have and buy furniture that is wall mounted or that can be folded easily. Eg: Folding beds.
 2.    Clean areas which have not been cleaned since a while and make sure to clean one area in a day and not all areas on one day. The areas can include behind the cupboards, beds, bathrooms and one such area should be cleaned everyday.
 3.    Hire one more maid to help you in cleaning and cooking. Maids can be responsible for cleaning the flooring area and dusting to make your work easy.
 4.    Buy a washing machine to complete the laundry work faster. It will not only help you in washing the clothes but it also works as a dryes. You only need to iron the clothes and keep them inside the cupboard.
 5.    Keep all the important things like jewelry, certificates, in the locker. It has been often observed that these things get easily misplaced and hence such sensitive and expensive items shouldn't be kept in the house.
 6.    Buy an induction stove or pipe gas to free the space of the cylinders. It's the best way to avoid taking care of gas cylinders and if you chose an induction stove, there isn't anything to worry about as you haven't to pay gas bills.
 7.    Make use of internet banking most of the time to reduce the banking work and updating pass books. Link your bank account as when you receive any bill, you need not have to remember to pay it as it gets directly debited from your account.
 8.    Become a member of a grocery store nearby which has a free home delivery option and order things over the phone to reduce the time you spend in shopping.

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