Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Energize your Life Theme 2

I participated in the earlier maxfresh activity and I couldn't stop myself from imagining different concerts and performances of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. The video has finally released and they both are just amazing. Each dance step is unique and a never seen before step whcih just adds to the marriage ceremony moment. It would be just awesome and enjoyable to have two celebrities performing to a wedding and making the moments memorable and special. Few of the dance moves which were my favorite are listed below and I have described my view based on the dance steps and why I love them. The video can be seen below:

I loved the dance step where the words "Pataka" are used as in that step Allu and Anushka both are scene dancing while Allu Arjun is leading and Anushka is behind up performing the same step and the way the hand movements are shown makes me too join the duo and perform with them. It's definitely a max fresh move that adds up to the environment and feeling of boredom just vanishes.

 I loved the next step where Allu takes a white colored handkerchief from a guest and starts dancing with it in the mouth. That's so enjoyable and fun to watch someone perform in such a normal way. The way he places the cloth in his mouth and uses it as a bean which is played makes it look so natural and enjoyable for me as a viewer. Since I'm from a middle class family, this is one step that appeals to me and common people. We usually dance this way in marriage functions and this is a max fresh move for me that helps to enlighten the atmosphere and can freshen up the moment.

The last step which I liked was the one where Allu grabs the hold of the bride and shows her a step to dance on. She looks at him and feels embarrased and the next moment she herself gets energized and dances her own step which is something that really appeals to me. The bride just dances without any choreography and hence it makes the environment energized and full of life. It definitely deserves to be one of the best steps that match the theme of Colgate and it makes the atmosphere fresh and lightens up the moment.

Overall, the advertisement is just too awesome and I have no words to praise the stars and the cheoreographer for giving the celebrities these steps and making it really an advert for Colgate max fresh.

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